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Sig M11-A1 9MM vs Sig P220 SAS 45ACP?????

  • Sig M11-A1 9MM 15 +1

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • Sig P220 SAS 45ACP 6+1

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Glock G-30 & G 19 combo instead

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • H&K 45 & H&K P7M13 combo instead

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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On my weekly trip for ammo a brand new Sig P220 SAS compact followed me home. Well we got this 48 hour cool off period here in Wisconsin so I did make a return trip for it. I was lucky enough to have the Sig M11-A1 at home in the safe. I put the two side by side and they are very close to the same size.

Here is my quick comparison. I hope add to it and get you some better photos to look at.

Size and weight: Both feel about the same, kinda heavy but not too much for carry. Both fit into my holster. bonus I did not have to purchase another holster for holster drawer.

The M11-A1 ( 9mm) came with 3 fifteen round mags
The P220 SAS ( 45acp) came with 2 six round mags

Common specs:
they both share the same trigger pull of 4.4 SA and 10 in DA
3.9 inch barrel, Signight sites,over length and with of both is 7.1 and 1.5,
neither one has the rail ( I did not want a rail )
Both look very similar with the black hard anodized finish and Polymer grips

M11-A1 is 32 oz compared to the lighter 29.6 on the 45ACP
The 9MM is also a bit taller 5.4 vs 5.0 on the 45.

I purchased from 2 separate stores at different times ( the M11 was last year before things changed)
I paid about $200.00 less last year for the 9MM ( than I paid for the 45 this year) and I paid about $150.00 under the suggested retail for the 45ACP. Not a deal but it was in stock and the model that I wanted.

Range trip update to come. But I can tell you the M11 is a dream to shoot. I love it. tight groups. It sends the brass forward. That can be a pain at a public range if you save your brass.
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