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Sig P229 vs Glock 19

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You know what the problem with this world is? There are too darn many great guns to choose from! :silly:

Now I'm torn between these two guns: but the Sig is (a DAK) in a .40 cal., which I haven't fired before.

About the recoil of the .40. Will it be fine with me if:
- In a full frame, a .45 doesn't bother me.
- In a full steel (Ruger Speed/Security 6) .38+P is just right, and .357 is ok... but more than I would prefer.
- In a Sig P-226, I can shoot the 9 mm in my sleep without waking up, and +P is not much different.

Signed, Wondering in Virginia
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Whenever you start to ask about the recoil of various weapons you'll get a slew of opinions. I find the recoil of a Glock 22 to be comparable to my 1911 in .45, and not quite as sharp as a hot .357 (which doesn't bother me). It may just be me, but I feel like my glock-19 has more muzzle flip than the G-22.
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