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Sig TACOPS p226 - Grip Replacement Ideas

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DC Community,

I have run into a bit of a predicament and thought I would run it by the most well informed group I know:

Does anyone know of replacement or grip alternatives for the Sig Tacops P226?
The original plastic grip has an extended magwell - however the plastic is ... well... Plastic.

I'm looking for something more aggressive yet refined - as is fitting to a firearm of this caliber.

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!!
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Does it come with the expanded magwell?
The Hogue G10 line is hard to beat on a Sig. They come in four patterns: smooth, piranha, checkered, chain link; from least to most aggressive. These grips are much more ergonomic than the standard grips. I do believe they have released a P226 mag well version also. I added OD and black G-Mascus Chain Link to my P229 SCT, made it feel like a Light Saber.
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They are nice.

I called Hogue - I was told they do not have an extended magwell line.

Hogue does wonderful work!
I must have mis-read about Hogue offering a magwell grip. One of the Hogue family members is on another forum I frequent, let me check to see if they were working on them.

Update: Yep, my bad they offer 1911 magwell grips, but a no on the Sig Tac-Ops. Although I bet it will eventually come down the pipe.

I really like VZ Grips for 1911's and haven't always heard positive things about their Sig line of grips, but they may offer something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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