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Glow-On Super Phosphorescent can fill the gaps for a more seamless transition between dark and illuminated spaces.
It applies over your existing hardware, so there is no need for onerous replacements.

Find it here:
Purchase - Glow-On

Simple iron sights, tactical or plain white dots will benefit from this application.

Simple solutions are always better than complex ones.
A simple approach without a mobile part which can break, or batteries which will drain.

A simple solution you can take into the wilderness because it needs no external support.
In fact, it will keep going longer than any bunny powered by long-lasting batteries.

Film and paint are available.
Imagine a strategy that makes it possible to find essential survival tactical tools in dark environments!

Just like Mr. Rogers explained: “Deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.”
Super easy to apply:

Just apply over your existing gun sights to extend their efficiency.
Plus 8 colors available: Blue, Aqua, Green, Original, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Hot Pink

One vial is enough for several handguns.

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