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Situation last night...

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Well never thought I would have something to post here but here is what happened.
I was carrying a Charter Arms undercover .38 special in a side vest pocket.
I stopped for gas it wasn't to late a little after 9:00 pm it was a well lit station and there were other customers.I pulled to the far left set of pumps as my filler is on the right side of my car.There were no other cars at the line of pumps I was on but there were other people getting gas at other pumps.
As I was pumping gas I was watchful but not especially alert when all of a sudden a slender male approximately 5'8" wearing oversized dirty brown t-shirt with a rip in it approached from the blind side of the pump I was at he was within 5' before I saw him and was walking very deliberately toward me I instantly went on alert and told him to stop and placed my left arm strait out in the stop gesture and placed my right hand on my pistol in my pocket he complied but was within approximately 3 feet of me.He started to ask me something but I politely but firmly informed that he needed to step back.He kind of hesitated and I could tell he knew I had a gun he then made a comment to the effect that it was broad daylight (I assumed he was refering to it being well lit) I again requested he step which he did then proceding to ask for a dollar.I informed him I did not have a dollar and he left.I very alertly finished filling my car and even though I had planned on getting a drink got in and left.
In my own after critique I felt the things I did right were I immediately put my hand on my gun without even thinking about it I don't remember having a conscious thought to go for my gun.I was calm firm and polite and did not panic.
On the negative I should have went back around to the other side of my car while pumping gas to make up for the blind spot the pump created.I also think I was too focused on him and not paying attention to what was behind me at the time but I guess all is well that ends well and I learned something about the blind spot the gas pumps can create.

Comments,Questions and Critiques welcome.
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Need to teach that little trick to my wife.

+1 on truck stops. I heard a guy ask at a gun shop, "What do truckers need a gun for?" I asked him if he ever walked through a couple hundred trucks in the middle of the night, not well lit, without being armed? He got the point. Just wish the Fed's would get the point too.
What point is that, that you wish the Feds would get????

NO, none, nota federal law about CCW and trucks. Show me it and I will buy you a cold Coke.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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