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Everything came out okay, so I say you did good. :hand10: You've already done your own review and correction.:shootin:

Gas stations demand our attention in order to safely tank. These are the times we are most vulnerable there. I prefer not to be alone when fueling, if possible. I am pretty much always moving during the pumping process, with my head on a swivel, looking for anything that just ain't right.

A couple weeks ago, I was fueling and my spidey sense told me I was being watched. I look over my left shoulder. There stands a curious figure in haphazardly selected clothing. He was intently watching me from about 25 feet away. Just standing there. His expression was one of someone harmless, maybe a little simple, but there was something else. The simple look was wrong, somehow. I can't put my finger on it, but my SA was dark orange tending toward red.

I reached up to grab the gas cap from atop the pump. My jacket rode up a hair, exposing the bottom of my OWB holster. My observer couldn't help but see it. Next thing ya know, off he goes, like he has no interest in me, whatsoever.

Got back in the car, locked the doors, belted up and left the pumps. At the end of the parking lot was a van with the sliding doors on the opposite side, open. Under the van I could see the feet of the guy who had been watching me. He was trying as fast as he could to get in the van before I came up there.

As I pulled even with the other side, the doors were still open and I could see three in the van, clearly. I made a point of taking my time memorizing their faces and plate. Never saw them again after I left the station.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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