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Need to teach that little trick to my wife.

+1 on truck stops. I heard a guy ask at a gun shop, "What do truckers need a gun for?" I asked him if he ever walked through a couple hundred trucks in the middle of the night, not well lit, without being armed? He got the point. Just wish the Fed's would get the point too.
What point is that, that you wish the Feds would get????

NO, none, nota federal law about CCW and trucks. Show me it and I will buy you a cold Coke.


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Well... I'm a pretty big old man, I have a shaved head, goat and look totally pissed off most of the time so I rarely get approached anymore! Hey! It works for me! :rofl:
You know, I am not scared of most things, BUT I am not going to approach a bald man pumping gas with a goat! :rofl:
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