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Skyy CPX-1 Range Report No. 2:

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For a review of my first range report (referenced below), see the Skyy CPX-1 report posting dated January 23, 2006 by rachilders.

On January 24, 2006 I spoke with Brian at Skyy regarding the problems referenced in the prior post. I thereafter shipped the two CPX-1's to Skyy via Priority flat rate USPS box for the warranty work. As promised, I received them back on Friday January 27. Assuming two day delivery to Florida and a two day return, that was the promised "one day turnaround" at Skyy. Brian even threw in a couple of free spare parts with the return. I was very happy with the positive attitude and the actual performance by Skyy on the warranty work.

Due to subsequent work load and travel, I was unable to return to the range until today. Both Skyy's performed flawlessly. I shot both CCI Blazer 115 gr. FMJ's and Speer 115 gr. Gold Dot HP's. 100 CCI's ran through perfectly - no FTF's or FTE's, just perfect shooting. Slow, fast - the pistol didn't break a sweat. The 40 rounds of Speer were likewise.

My wife ran 50 CCI's through hers with like results. She then shot five Speer with the same.

Accuracy for both of us was acceptable to good given we haven't shot in a month. Her clusters ranged from 3" to 8" dependent on range, mine likewise. Please note that neither of us are "sharpshooters" so to speak. No pics, cause I don't have a camera yet.

I buy CCI's by the case, so I was very pleased that I don't have to stock another brand of ammo for the range. I use the Speer for carry purposes. Again, I like a simple life - one or two ammo's for multiple pistols.

All in all, I felt good (great) about the Skyy service and "can do" type positive attitude. Skyy threw in a couple of free breakdown pins (I lose little things occasionally, and wanted a "back up"). The pistols were back in five days flat!

Skyy will also have flat bottom mag floors/plates in production within a month or so customers can choose flat or extended grip mags. Personally, I will be using a "flat-bottom" for carry because the extended grip is too small for my "pinkie" and it's more comfortable and natural on the bottom of the grip, on the floor of the plate.

We have both ordered pocket holsters from "Pocket Holsters", so I'll have a review thereon in a short time.

So, my overall impressions are much better than my initial range report. It is very fun to shoot, easy to shoot, accurate for what I'll use it for, will conceal very well for its caliber, and will hopefully continue to prove itself out to be 110% reliable (one of my "absolutes"). More range time is still required before I'll carry it in any but the most benign circumstances. My wife agrees with this analysis regarding her Skyy.

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R&G - that is quite impressive and good to hear the returned guns were performing well.

I must admit, despite having my R9 - this small piece could well be in the future, as another pocket rocket. Could even suit for wife and daughter once I feel all is well - and it is looking good thus far.

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I'm glad to see your second trip to the range turned out much better than the first. It sounds more like the experience I had with my CPX. I was also wondering when those flat bottom bases for the mags would be available. I also want to get a few spare parts from SKYY. Not that it needs any repairs, but I like to keep some parts that are most likely to need replacemnt do to wear, breakage or getting lost. A warranty is nice, but it's a pain and usually more trouble than it's worth to return a gun to the factory over a lost spring or other part I can replace myself in 5-10 minutes.

I attempted to order some (mags, springs, extractor and a few other parts), but when I emailed Joe back in January, the only parts they were selling where the spare mags. He said all the parts they had were being used for warranty work and filling orders. He suggested I try again in another month or so since he figured they'd be caught up by then. I guess I'll give them a few more weeks and try in March. It would be nice to have that extra breakdown pin and some springs... just in case!

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I saw one for the first time today. It looked and felt much nicer than the P11 and for the same price. Too bad I'm not in the market for a small 9mm. lol
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