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Skyy range Report No. Three:

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Skyy CPX-1 Range Report No.3:

100 Rounds of CCI Blazer 115gr. FMJ; No FTF's, no FTE's: Flawless
10 Rounds of Speer Gold Dot 115gr. and 124gr. JHP's (intermingled); No FTF's, no FTE's: Flawless

:danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban:

Good groupings, approximately 10"-12" out to 12 yards, a few strays caused by shooter (sigh...:embarassed: ).

I'm getting happier with this pistol. More muzzle flip than my Glock 17, but smoother trigger. Easy to bring on target, easy to return to target. Easy to conceal. It's getting close to being a trusted CC gun. I just want to get several hundred more downrange with perfect behavior before I consider it a 110% reliable CC gun.

I used the mag with the shortened extension - that felt good, so that mod is a keeper. I am considering smoothing the finger grips on the front a bit too - but leaving that until it's "110%".
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glad to hear its running good think the groups will tighten up on it as you get more used to it or is it just the short barrel throwning ya off
The truth be told, I'm still learning how to shoot, and won't be happy until they (groups) get a lot smaller. Still a newbie, still learnin'! I'll probably try to pick up on my range visits and get some coaching to accelerate the improvement.
Forget who reported a soreness on thumb - near thumb base IIRC. Someone mentioned in the thread on wearing gloves I think.

I take it no prob's for you R&G. Sounds like it's running real good. :smilez:
How well can the gun be concealed on one person with the safety on both sides over the Kel-Tec P3AT or P11??
Super range report R&G. read it on skyy forum to. Cant wait to get out and shoot mine some more. As far as concealing I think it will conceal good in an IWB holster. Thats what I have planned for mine this summer. Have a great day Sixgun.
P95 - I haven't suffered from the skin abrasions as have some. Lucky me.

Frankmako - It's about the same size as the P11, larger than P3AT, so I guess maybe I don't understand your question? The ambi safety doesn't even enter into my equation - its never "on"
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