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Small pocket auto knife w/safety?

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I'm looking for a small auto knife with some sort of safety mechanism. I've got a couple of cheaper autos but I'm weary of carrying them in my pocket because with just a push of the button, they come flying open. That doesn't make me feel real comfy when I'm moving around a lot and taking stuff in and out of my pocket so I usually stick with either of my Spyderco Natives or Kerhsaw Chive. They're great knives but I want a small auto option as well.

I'd like something around 4" closed and with around a 3" or under blade (give or take a .25"). The main one that I have a bead on is the Benchmade 3550:
3550 Details | Benchmade

Anyone have this Benchmade? If so, how's the quality and how well does the safety and opening mechanism work?

I've spotted deals on the Benchmade for under $150, sometimes around $100. I'd like to keep this around $125 or under if I can. Any higher than that and I'd rather spend my money on some other toy.

Any others out there I should consider?

Thanks for any input.
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Your requirements were similar to mine when I purchased this knife.
5500 Details | Benchmade

I don't know if you saw the link on the page for the knife you cited, but it explains the lock function. Locking Mechanisms | Benchmade

I find the quality of the knife to be the best I've ever owned. I paid about $170 at Mark's Outdoors in Birmingham, AL.

Opening and closing work smoothly and safely. The button is not pressed, it is pulled/slid back, withdrawing the bolt from the detent on blade allowing the spring mechanism to push the blade open. The safety blocks the bolt from moving out of the detent, you literally cannot pull the bolt back.

I hope this is of some help.
Thanks for the input,

The 5500 looks nice also and that's good that the 3550 has the same safety/locking mechanism. Having that easy to use safety there while still having a quick opening auto action is a very nice feature. That's great news about the quality also. With autos, I'm worried about too much play or looseness in the blade mechanism.

Thanks again for the input, I think I've found the auto I want.
Just from the title of your post I was going to recommend the 3550.
Just from the title of your post I was going to recommend the 3550.
Thanks Superhouse,

From digging around on the web, it looked the one I'm looking for but I wanted to make sure there weren't any others to check out also.

Thanks for the input.
The Blackhawk 875 automatic version is a quality product at a reasonable price point ($99 or less, got mine for $78 last year on the Internet).

The 875 is an affordable, full-service folding knife that is ideal for both utility and defensive purposes. Available in three striking blade profiles - a Clip-Point Bowie, a Japanese-Style Tanto, and a Double-Ground Fighter. The 875 features stout stainless steel liners, non-slip, glass-filled nylon handle scales, and a high-strength push-button plunge lock mechanism. Both the manual and automatic versions of the 875 include a sliding secondary safety that prevents unintentional operation of the lock button and a spring-steel pocket clip that is reversible for tip-up or tip-down carry.

I have had one of these for about a year. I carry it on weekends alot and the quality is very good like most of their stuff.
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I have the 2550 Min-Reflex and I really like it. It fits my hand well (small hands) and does the job just fine.

Benchmade's warranty is the best too with a fast turn a round.

I have the H&K's similar to the 3550, and I LOVE it, I used to carry my kershaw everywhere, but now, I'm not even sure if I could tell you where my kershaw is.

The locking mechanism is flawless, the blade is thick, and probably stronger than I will ever need, and even the serations have stayed suprisingly sharp after over 2 years of use. The finish is rough, but not abrasive, and gives me a good grip on the knife even with oil all over my hands
Perhaps you should look at a lever lock design. They are the safest automatics to carry, and the quickest into action-with the possible exception of the D/A OTFs.
Isn't a lock on an 'auto' knive a lot like carrying a Glock without one in the chamber? I'm just sayin'...:blink:
i like the benchmade 2550 mini-reflex auto. i have had one for 12 years. very strong and well made.
SOG Flash II
I replaced my Cold Steel Recon with a SOG Trident folder with a safety. My CS Recon got immersed in salt water and it dried out in the mechanics befoer I had a chance to clean it down. Needless to say, even after cleaning and re-lubing everything, the salt had done it's damage and relegated it to a back-up piece that sits in the center console of my Expy. To the SOG Trident...

I'm going to be replacing it once I get back home from Vegas because of the safety. The knife is a decent product. It's light, easy to manipulate, easy to grasp, and built well. However, the safety is an absolute nightmare. I've gone to pull the knife for use and the safety had "engaged" while being clipped to my pocket. If I need my knife now, I don't expect to be playing around with it because the safety is "on" when it shouldn't be. I do not like the concept of a safety on my knife and I will never again purchase a folder that has one. I tried it and I no likee.

Just my opinion... :smile:
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Nice blades, do you have to be LEO etc to purchase these knifes?
I can't say that it has a safety, because it isn't needed!

Go to Blade Play - Switchblade Knives, Automatic Knives, Spring Assist Knives, Butterfly Knives, Military Knives, Law Enforcement Knives, Collectible Knives and discover the wonderful world of the Boker Kalashnikov knives (AK-74.) The wonderful attributes of this knife includes:

a) AUS-8 steel;

b) low price (under $55.00);

c) rock-solid performance!

I bought one earlier this year and never looked back! I have a SOG Flash-II, two Benchmade Autos (a Mel Pardue 3550 and and first run AFO.) These are great knives, but the Boker AK-74 Kalashnikov is my favorite EDC!

The knife is manufactured in Taiwan, but carries and works like an American made piece! This knife is so well-built, that I rely on it without reservation. I have the "tactical" (all-black teflon-coated version.) For the price, it cannot be beaten... period!

Look into it and buy with confidence. You will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be dissappointed!

Good luck.
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Unique blade is offering a plain-color blade Boder Automat Kalashnikov AK-74 for $44.95 (shipping included.) Look!

Named for the creator of the legendary AK-47 assault rifle, Mikhail Timofeevich Kalishnikov, and designed in Germany by Dietmar Pohl, the Boker Automat Kalashnikov 74 automatic knife boasts excellence in craftsmanship. This is your industrial strength switchblade knife ready for daily use.
The blade of this automatic knife, which resembles the bayonet used on the AK-74, is factory sharpened and capable of shaving hair off your arm, and it has a violently strong spring that locks the blade tight and fast upon every press of the release button.
The handle of the Boker Kalashnikov 74 switchblade is made of lightweight T-6 6061 aircraft aluminum that has been treated to a black, textured powder coating providing, not only a secure, comfortable grip, but it also helps to subdue glare and minimizes reflected light. The blade has been bead blasted to a glare reducing matte finish, making this a great covert/black-ops tool!
In addition, this automatic knife also features a pocket clip, and a lanyard hole! It even comes in a custom display box that resembles an AK-74 magazine! What more could you possibly ask for?
The Boker Automat Kalashnikov 74 switchblade knife is a top-notch tactical tool at a very affordable price.
Overall Length: 7.75 "
Blade Length: 3.25 "
Handle Material: Black Powder Coated T-6 6061 Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
Blade Material: Bead Blasted AUS 8 Stainless Steel
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Edge: Plain
Options: NO Safety
Lanyard Hole
Pocket Clip (Tip-Up)
Imitation AK-47 Magazine custom display box
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Defensive knives

I always keep a knife in my west for protection.
Most of the time I use butterfly knife.
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