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small town issues

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Hello, I am from a small town in SW Iowa and there is a huge meth problem here. I actually live by a meth dealer. Being a recovered addict for six years now, I know what the "geekers" are up to.So I carry my five inch 1911 everywhere.I have alot of faith in my 1911, but being 150 lbs. it is a chore.Maybe some day Ill settle for a 4.25 inch barrel.
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Have you informed the cops of the situation? I don't think you should be content to live next to a meth dealer. Either you or him need to move.
small town BS

My wife and I are concerned because we have three kids 10,3,1 years old. We informed the police and they said there is really nothing they can do but patrol more . I have seen two cruisers in two days. It is frustrating because it is so obvious to us. We live in a beautiful part of town bankers, teachers, and retired folk. The police dep. has been revamped after the chief of police and an officer were convicted of rape.I wonder if they even know of the huge history of meth in this town.One cant get away with that for to long...
If the local PD isn't interested in doing anything about it, call the DEA and the State Police.

If that doesn't get some action, MOVE!!!

Have you ever seen a meth lab blow up? I have, and I don't mean on TV, although the explosions on TV are pretty accurate. If the one next door blows, you have a very good chance that it will take out at least part of your house. The risk to your family is very high!

I hope you come through this safely.
I do believe that it is not a lab, one of the frequents is a known manufacturer. I wonder if I could remain anom. if in fact I did contact the state patrol? My kids mean the world to me and I would do anything to provide a safe place to live. Appreciate input from you fellas.
Call the cops every day, or even several times a day to make them come out to investigate
Don't assume

Many small/rural communities have a history of drug traffic, my own included.
While it would be a good idea to inform the local LE of your suspicions, I would not assume they do not know what is going on.
Sadly to say, knowing and proving in court are two different matters. :frown:

In the meantime, keep your eyes open and stay safe. Sometimes the key to LE making a case stick is citizen forwarded information. Just don't take matters into your own hands and endanger yourself or family playing "cop".


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How times have changed

I spent the first 18 years of my life in a small town in Iowa. I never heard of anything illegal going on, especially related to drugs. I don't think meth had been invented yet. The world sure has changed.
I don't know how the small town police is in your area but around here they are more interested in writing traffic tickets than doing any real police work. I would suggest going over their heads to maybe the sheriff's department or state police. I am sure they would let you remain anonymous. Keep those kiddos safe.
I am certain now I will contact the proper authorities.
Bricktop, just posting to make sure you had no felonies when you were into meth. I hope you are carrying legally, with a license issued by your sheriff. You can't push things with the cops if you yourself are doing something wrong.

Just saying. I'll take your word that you are licensed to carry even though that license can be pretty tough if not impossible to get in Iowa, and that you stayed out of trouble in your meth days.

Stay safe. Move if you have to do so to keep your kids safe.
Let them know that it's imperative that you remain anonymous, and the local Police Department are doing nothing about the problem. Write down everyone's name, date, and time you spoke to them. Everyone has a boss.
Acually getting my permit to carry help me stay clean and out of bars.The last few years of my addiction I hated it.I got proper treatment and moved on. I love this life with my family and hard work. I love being straight and armed.I havent broke the law since I have carried.I will never lose my right to carry for anything.
Keep your kids away from that house. crazies and nasty chemicals have destroyed that house. call the authorities, local drug task force, state drug task force and dea hotlines. be smart and keep a low profile but take notes on everything shady you see.

if its a rental tell the landlord, even if you have to call about some secondary city ordinance thats being violated call.... call your local mass media if the Law Enforcement is being lax.

stay anonymous stay legal and most of all stay safe...
Welcome to the forum, I hope your situation gets taken care of and that you and your family remain safe......Good luck, and stay vigilant.
Small town newspapers love to hear about inadequacies in their local authorities.
I am certain now I will contact the proper authorities.
Good for you!
Since the PD isn't interested, I would definitely let the sheriff, state police and the feds know. If you're worried about staying anonymous, use a pay phone on the opposite side of town to make the calls.
Another thing that you can do (albeit do descreatly) is to maintain a log of who comes and goes, when they are doing it and tag numbers of their cars. This will help the authorities when it comes to busting your neighbors and the other parties. It als increases the likelyhood that something will get done as they can take out an entire criminal organization instead of just one pusher.
Small town newspapers love to hear about inadequacies in their local authorities.
AZ beat me to the punch. If LEO can not handle it, I would call the media/newspaper. Takes 1 call from a Reporter to sherrif/mayor "What is being done about the sale of drug out of the home at 123 main st? I bet the problem wil be handled. Congrats on getting and staying clean.
When I read the title "Small Town Issues" I was sure hoping you were dealing with a less-significant issue. Obviously, you're NOT! Don't under-estimate the danger or rationalize yourself being too paranoid. You're NOT! And don't quit ringing the alarm because you think you're making too much ruckus, you're NOT! The future (and very lives) of you & your neighbors depend on your continued action. Be safe. Good Luck!
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