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Small Update for XD45 owners

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XD45ACP owners in case you were not aware it seems spare magazines are on their way soon. Would be IDPA shooters and class takers rejoice!

I ordered 4 directly from Springfield and they should be here next week. You can call SA and order directly for $26 a pop, not too shabby.

Retailers will have them who knows when, but the mags are finally going out.
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Thanks! im only going to purchase one more but i will probubly wait untill retailers get them. Im in no big hurry. I do wish there were more double stack mag pouches out there for them though!
That's good new's, Now for the bi-tone model to start shipping!:mad:

Glad to hear it Euc! Guess they got tired of you calling everyday and caved in, huh? :wink:
Cool that should make soem people happy like Euc
Some retailers already have them...

Reportedly this place has them at $24 each.

So the real good news here is that the .45 mags aren't very expensive at all. One local gunshop told me they'd take my preorder at $34 a magazine.

I declined... I had a feeling they wouldn't be that expensive. They're still not as cheap as the 9mm/40/357 mags but I'm not complaining.
34 thats a rip i bought mine for 26 each plus shippin. whittaker guns has the you can get them from SA and i was in the local gun shop this after noon and they had a box of them for 29.98 Ea. as they become more available i suspect that the price will drop a buck or two but Im not waiting. Hope the xd prices will drop a little I got mine for 475 and looked today there 529. want to get another but not at that price.
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