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Smith and Wesson knives

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I was wondering what the board's opinion was on Smith and Wesson knives for defense. I have a S&W S.W.A.T. that I carry some (probably not legal but anyway) that I really like but I don't know much about what is considered a good defensive knife. This one has a long enough handle I can use it as a striking weapon (open or closed) plus the blade is thick enough it shouldn't break. It's a manual opener but with no spring I can open it with a flick of the wrist.
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I actually have a S&W Swat knife, dont get the black coated one. The coating lasts only about a few days before it starts coming off like crazy. Second it is a decent EDC knife, and could work in a pinch as a defensive blade. Edge retention is ok, but no where near a high quality knife. I got it as an impulse buy because it was an auto, and I didnt have one for my collection. Still its pretty well built, but doesnt stay pretty long if you use it. Lock up after open is your big way to tell a decent knife, if you can wiggle or move the blade really any once its open then its not a good defensive knife. Other then that most other things are personal preference, like a gun pick up a lot work them all, and pick the one that fits and feels the most natural in your hand. A great knife for you you will just pick it up and go "oooh! I'll take it", still handle it for a bit before you go with that impulse.
My S&W is the natural stainless one. It has the second-generation handles (I think they are cast rather than machined, or they got the "melt" treatment) and this is actually better because there are fewer sharp corners on the bottom to poke you. The blade is ridgid once it is open. Edge retention is pretty good but to be honest I use my folding boxcutter more than anything else simply because I can change the blades if they get damaged.

I also sometimes carry a Kershaw Scallion sometimes but it is too short IMO. I have a Kershaw Blur but the only problem with it is the sandpaper-like grip surface eats up the pocket to my pants. My family likes to give knives as presents.

Of course, if things really get out of hand there's always the Kukri!
From what i've seen some are ok to pretty good and some terrible
..the swat line seems pretty good, their Magic* versions are basically automatic as the top button mechanism is separate from the blade and barely has to be touched to fire the blade.
Some of the S&W fixed blades are pretty good ..see the S&W Search & Rescue(ka-bar clone) destruction test at knifetests ..I picked this one up myself for around $20 based on that test, in which it did slightly better than the usmc kabar until it failed at the same point as the ka-bar, the narrow tang which both have.
I dont like S&W knives personally. I have owned a few
and they never held up well. Once I got a SOG I never
looked at any other knife. I carry a SOG FlashII that is
assissted opening, all black, partially serrated and very sharp
right out of the box. Holds up to use too.
I haven't owned any but Iv heard they're junk. Overpriced too, I walked into big 5 awhile back to check gun prices and while I was there I saw what looked like a Kabar fighting knife. I asked to look at it and as soon as I took it out of the sheath I discovered it was in fact a Mossberg knife, I put it down and suddenly the guy pulls out this huge fixed blade from under the counter, it was a smith and wesson. He said he would give it to me for only $150, but tomorrow he wouldn't be feeling so generous. I held it for a second and it was so clumsy feeling.. I could also hear a rattle, I'm pretty sure the blade was glued to the handle. It also had a big CHINA stamp. I chuckled and said maybe another time. :scruntiny:
Any that I've seen are junk. Sorry.

I've heard that there is a line that is fairly decent, but I've never laid eyes on one myself
My knife taste runs from CRKT and up from there. I have more knives than sense! Most in the $200.00 - $400.00 range.

A S&W knife to me is a good tool box/junk drawer knife and yes, I have a couple. $10.00 - $15.00 on Flea Bay. :wink:
After losing three $100+ knives on the job, I bought an assisted opening S&W tactical knife. It kept opening in my pocket and poking me in the thigh at work!

It lays in unused in my knife drawer... (Yes, I have a knife drawer and a holster drawer).

I've never had problems losing expensive knives off duty, but at work I would get my uniform pants snagged on car doors, pieces of equipment and lord knows what, and next thing I'd know, my friggon knife was gone.

So, now at work, I carry my knife in a belt sheath and clipped to pocket when off duty.

I'm back to carrying a Benchmade.

Too much bad blood with the S&W line.
They're worth what you pay for them, which should not be much more than $20-$30. I am not a fan of their autos. Lots of blade play, the whole thing looked kinda chintzy. Their definition of 'factory sharp' leaves something to be desired, too.

Oddly, the knife of theirs I liked the most is such a blatant La Griffe knockoff they should be sued, but that being said, it was a very good copy, and the sheath was actually superior to the Emerson one.
I use to have a S&W Swat kinfe, it was a folder I used for EDC. I ended up breaking it. Not a fan personally.
I have a few S&W folders. I bought them primarily for the looks and style. The quaility is poor on some and OK on others. None would ever be said to be a high quality knife. However, the M&P model is of decent quality and operates as intended even if the look is a bit gimmicky. It has become my EDC for utility use.
they suck...spend $20 more and get a Spyderco
they suck...spend $20 more and get a Spyderco
Hehe..yea i'd say thats good advice :bigsmile: ..not to mention their folders are way over priced ..there are so many better options out there even in the same price range.
I have had 2 or 3 of the S&W knives, all under $20. I used them all as EDC or backup in my bag and for the most part they served their purpose, but it could have been done better. They were cheap knives and i probably got my 10 bucks out of it, but I don't plan on making any more purchases from them. Even for cheap knives, there are better options. I've purchased a few Boker knives in the same $15 range and have been quite pleasantly surprised as to how well they've held up.
the Bad Guy isn't going to look and see what kind of knife you are about to stab him with!! The S&W knives are more novelity type pieces. I much prefer the CRKT line, especially the Crawford series, these are excellent knives. I have a few of the S&W knives that have been given to me over the years and they usually stay in the knife drawer, yes I have one too!! Also check out the Spyderco and Kershaw Speedsafe series. I have a Sog that I am not very impressed with.

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