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I actually have a S&W Swat knife, dont get the black coated one. The coating lasts only about a few days before it starts coming off like crazy. Second it is a decent EDC knife, and could work in a pinch as a defensive blade. Edge retention is ok, but no where near a high quality knife. I got it as an impulse buy because it was an auto, and I didnt have one for my collection. Still its pretty well built, but doesnt stay pretty long if you use it. Lock up after open is your big way to tell a decent knife, if you can wiggle or move the blade really any once its open then its not a good defensive knife. Other then that most other things are personal preference, like a gun pick up a lot work them all, and pick the one that fits and feels the most natural in your hand. A great knife for you you will just pick it up and go "oooh! I'll take it", still handle it for a bit before you go with that impulse.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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