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I know a guy at work who owns what he thought he recalled as a "K Frame 22 revolver".... Doesn't sound to impressing......He tells me it's a three-digit serial number and over 95%. I won't divulge his serial number, because that wouldn't be right, but it was below 200.

I figure that would strike some attention to some S&W lovers. He says he's willing to sell if the price is right.

I'm gonna take the camera to work tomorrow to get some pictures, because I really want to see it too. I'll have them posted tomorrow, unless he forgets to bring it.

If anyone has any ideas as to value and/or is interested, let me know.

A side note, he says he finally got in touch with someone (he dropped a name I didn't recognize)...They immediately offered to buy it from him. He said he has a few 4-digits, but never seen a 3 digit. I told him he was probably low-balling him extremely. He came to the same conclusion.

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Sounds like just maybe the earliest pre K22 or even a Pre Model 17 - which would put it back to 1946-1947. That would be a five screw pinned and recessed.

A pic would be real handy. These had a "K'' prefix to SN if target models.
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