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I apologize in advance if this is not the proper forum. I wasn't real clear as to use this or the marketplace; being as that I am not intending on selling this on DC, I figured this forum was OK...

Last month I acquired a Sig Nightmare Carry in .45 ( love it ). I have decided to commit myself to .45 and 9mm (there is a Glock 17 in my future). I already have a stockpile of 9mm from past forays into the realm of 9mm...

Thus, I am looking to sell my Smith & Wesson M&P that is marked .357 SIG, but I also have purchased a factory .40 barrel for it as well.

Altogether, the package will consist of the pistol itself (of course), (3) 15 rd. magazines and (2) ten round magazines (unfired), plus a stash of .40 and .357 sig ammo that I have.

The ammo consists of offerings from Underwood Ammo in both .357 SIG and .40 s&w. I also have some Privi .357 SIG range ammo to go along.

The pistol has roughly 350 - 450 rounds through it, mostly .357, but some .40 as well.

Also included in the package are: Galco summer comfort IWB holster, and a Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe.

Sorry to be long winded... I am looking for some suggestions on what kind of price I might ask for.

The pistol is in good/great shape. I have carried it some, but since acquiring the Sig Nightmare, the M&P has been relegated to nightstand duty.
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