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Smith&Wesson VersaVault

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Just got a Smith&Wesson VersaVault. You can either use a keypad or a key to open it. At night beside the bed all I have to do is hit the buttons and it pops open with the inside lighted up, with my loaded 1911 sticking up at a 27 degree angle. For a 100 bucks it's a bargain. I'm going to get another one for the top of my work desk. Has any one else bought one of these?
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I bought two GunVault gun safes and think they are great, especially for people who have children in the house. They provide security and ready access. They even have a small light inside when you open it so that you can see inside in the dark of night. I think they were $120 each.
Were are you guys buying this for $100, I have been all over the internet and the cheapest I find is $154 + shipping. Help a fellow out here will yea? Thanks
I have the extended cab on my pickup and am thinking about mounting something like that behind the drivers seat and bolting it to the floor so it can be accessed from the door. i would sure like to know where to get one for $100 too.
I got my S&W VersaVault at Northeast Trading Company North Attleboro Ma. a local gunshop for $105. I got it there inside of driving to four Seasons in Woburn Ma. where they are $99.00 Look at their web site for the prices on safes.
Bugs100, thanks for the link to that gun shop.
I enjoyed checking out the friends of Holly!
I am shocked at all the handguns not allowed for sale in MA, its a wonder the gun stores can survive!
Looks like a nice place, and I hope they do well in their new store, it looks well stocked, and inviting.
Thanks for the link.
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