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Snookwiggler here; am new member

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Would appreciate advice on cc holster for a Kimber Ultra Carry II
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Welcome from Alabama,,

Sorry can't help you with a holster
Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Check out the ACE-1 holster at SHTF Gear LLC
Welcome from Delaware! Check out the Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro, can be worn IWB/OWB with several different cants. You get several holsters in one, and it's finely crafted and can be made all your own in the custom shop. Check out their web site, they are a forum sponsor, my Black Ops Pro "Trooper" holster was made for me by Rocky, the owner of Pure Kustom, he's very good to work with.
Welcome from Ohio...good to have you in the house! You'll find plenty of insight about your Kimber holster need.
Welcome but I don't have that weapon so I can't help there
Welcome from Wisconsin!

You can find sponsors of this site that sell all kinds of firearm-related items including holsters at the lower part of this page. I'm sure you'll be able to find what you're looking for there.
All I can say is: keep wigglin' that "snook" as you peruse the discussions in the forums. :tongue:

Welcome aboard. :wave:

Lots of good stuff, here. Good folks with a lot of deep experience, as well. Welcome!
Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee I am partial to the Yaunki Slide
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Welcome from Virginia.

Don't own a Kimber, so can't help you with your holster question.

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome Snookwiggler, That is my EDC. If you are looking for a pretty good holster without breaking the bank try this one MERNICKLE HOLSTERS
Welcome from Colorado...:wave:
Welcome from Joisey...........I like Comp-Tac.....check'em out.
Welcome from Wisconsin>
Welcome from Southwest Florida.
Welcome to Defensive Carry :wave: The best forum for sharing ideas and experience.

Help us keep this forum great by remembering the Golden Rule: Please treat others as you want to be treated.

I am from Kansas.
Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

Check out the MaxTuck from White Hat Holsters Concealed Handgun Holsters and Holster Parts & Accessories - White Hat

Auto part

Their interchangeable kydex system enables you to easily and affordably switch out the kydex when/if you change your carry gun.
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Welcome from Rockport WA. There's plenty of cats here who know holsters for Kimbers.
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