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So what did everyone get for Christmas that\'s cool?

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Unless Santa comes down the chimney tonight (and I doubt it since we have had a fire going tonight) I got:

Surefire E2E
ASP KeyDefender pepperspray
ASP Baton, 16\"
Wilson Combat mags (3) for my 1911\'s
Galati Super Range bag (4 gun)
Box of Winchester \"white box\" .45
$50 WalMart gift certificate (more ammo)
Lands End Squall jacket (cover garment)
Jeans (one size larger for IWB carry)
Dockers slacks (expandable waist for IWB carry)
Collateral movie DVD
The Bourne Identity movie DVD
The Bourne Supremacy movie DVD
Open Range movie DVD
King Arthur movie DVD
Other stuff (software, CDRW, atomic desk clock, etc)

Not a bad haul for an old guy :kay:
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I\'d say that was a very nice haul. My wife and I got a new Ford Five Hundred SEL. Had to replace other car after someone ran a red light and totaled it.. Just thankful we all walked away from it. ;)

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Bore Snakes in every caliber I own...
Bore Guide for AR15, bore Scrubber also for Ar15. Arredondo Mag Well for Ar15\'s. KAC trigger for AR15. Echo Cologne...

Snap Caps for all calibers I own. A ton of Surf DVD\'s. Some surf clothes. Gift Cert for any holster belt of my choosing.

New Oakley Strike Ballistic glasses kit

The usual clothes, cologne, couple of movies, a tie (I don\'t wear ties) and in a few days a load of bills. We just sorta buy what we want when we want.:)

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Bore snakes in most calibers i own.
couple movies
spriderman 2
I Robot
Leather coat
Field precessing knife set
couple cd\'s

No big guns this year Layoff is taking its toll money ( more sanity wise its 0 here and i got cabin fever majorly)

So guns after christmas :) got a list im checking it twice and gonna add some more ... lol

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My wife asked me to make a list long enough so she could pick from it and me not be guessing what she bought. I guess I have the reputation of being a gift shaker (well deserved I admit) although I haven\'t done that in years. I guess I didn\'t give her a long enough list because she bought everything on it, with the kids help, and then bought alot that was not on the list.

The best thing I got was to get to watch my parents, wife and the kids (grown up now) open their gifts. We also bought for the fiance/girlfriend this year and had fun with that, too. Having family around is what Christmas means to me now, not so much gifts. We had a good time and lots of food :kay:

Hope ya\'ll all had a great one, too!
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