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On March 27, 1953 Boyd arrived in Korea as an F-86 pilot.


On his retirement in 1975 he was awarded the prestigious Harold Brown Award by the US Air Force.


In January 1980 Boyd gave his briefing Patterns of Conflict at the U.S. Marines AWS (Amphibious Warfare School).


In 1981, Boyd had presented his briefing, Patterns of Conflict, to Dick Cheney, then a member of the United States House of Representatives.


By 1990, Boyd had moved to Florida because of declining health, but Cheney (then the Secretary of Defense in the George H. W. Bush administration) called him back to work on the plans for Operation Desert Storm.


Boyd died of cancer in Florida on March 9, 1997 at age 70.

Apparently, Cheney was impressed enough to bring Boyd back to theorize a strategy for the upcoming invasion of Iraq.

Maneuver warfare was not invented by Napoleon or Boyd

Sun Tzu is considered a supreme strategist. Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, there was a period in China known as the Age of Warring States. This was an age of great conflict and uncertainty as seven states fought for survival & control of China. For these states to win they sought out any means of gaining advantage over their opponents; those with knowledge on strategy & leadership was especially sought after. It was during this time that there arose a general from the state of Ch’i known as Sun Tzu. His ability to win victories for his warlord gained him fame and power.

But of course, he had to theorize these strategies and test them in battle. Like Boyd theorized and others put those theories to the test and developed strategies.

Our military had come to rely so heavily on missles it had lost much of it's dog fighting skills at one point. Don't think for a second when the military started rethinking this they didn't revisit much of Boyds earlier contributions.

First I heard of OODA and Boyd was probably around 1980-81 at the ripe old age of 30 while being trained at SIONICS, led by a former OSS officer. Many of the spec ops trainers there [ mostly former U.S Army ] were using OODA to teach a path to Situational Awareness and getting out in front going offensive as soon as possible. IOW, getting inside the opponents game plan by learning to anticipate [ like Sun Tzu and later Boyd and others ]. :biggrin2:
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