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\"BushCountry\" Broke It First

Writing for United Press International (7/17/94), journalist Seymour Hersh said there are videotapes of American soldiers sodomizing young Iraqi boys at Abu Ghraib prison.

The investigative journalist, one of the first to break the story of prisoner abuses, said the Bush administration is holding the tapes of these acts.

While He was the first to break the story of abuse, \"BushCountry\" was the first to connect the dots between the abuse and homosexuals in the military.

Hersh wrote: \"The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling, and the worst part is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking.\"

Then, in true liberal fashion, in his intent to lay it all in the laps of the Bush Administration, he added, \"And this is your government at war. There was a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher,\" he said.

There was no cover-up on the part of the Bush Administration. The cover up was fully engineered by the liberal media who refused to print our story, Thank P.C. Dems for Prisoner Abuse, which is below.
The reason for the liberal media cover-up was because one should not acknowledge any kind of wrong doing on the part of homosexuals, whom the dems fully support. This is known as Political Correctness.

So UPI\'s liberal slant on the prisoner abuse scandal will now backfire and put the blame where it should be--on the Democrats who push for the \"rights\" of \"gays\" to be in the military and the liberal media who do indeed cover up homosexual misconduct. Here is the first story to break regarding the homosexual connection to the prisoner sexual abuse:

Thank Dems For Detainee\'s Abuse

The Dems are fully exploiting the current and disturbing reports of sexual assault upon Iraqi prisoners of war by six American military police guarding them.

According to reports by the New York Times (5/01/04) the abuses, which were photographed, included naked Iraqi men stacked in a human pyramid, one with a slur in English written on his skin. Another showed a naked prisoner standing on a box, his head covered and wires attached to his body, while others, which have been widely distributed to the media, shows male prisoners simulating sex with each other while these 6 American guards were smiling, laughing and holding their thumbs up.

The democrats and their liberal media are on a roll, blaming President Bush for \"declaring an illegal war on Iraq,\" and blaming America itself for the world\'s problems.

Conspicuously absent in this liberal coverage, is a profound observational question to this outrage: What kind of man would take pleasure in watching other men, particularly men in captivity, naked and simulating sex with each other?

This kind of man was previously listed in the psychiatric diagnostic manuals as having a condition known as, SSAD, or, Same Sex Attachment Disorder. That is, until the democrats, who pushed \'political correctness'on America, overwhelmingly ruled to have homosexuality recognized as a normal behavior and have opened the doors to allow homosexuals to be scout masters and serve in the military. And now they are blaming the republicans and President Bush for the results.

It is the democrats who have pushed the envelope further in forcing
homosexual acceptance by breaking the law and performing what is known as, \"homosexual marriages.\"

Same sex coupling has been repugnant to society from the beginning, and for good reason. The sexual practices (not orientation but practices) consists of anal sex with another male; a practice known as \"fisting\" where a male runs his hand into and up the anus of another male as far as he can. This writer has heard testimony of one homosexual who managed to get his entire arm inside. It should be noted that homosexuals suffer what is known as the \"Gay Bowel Syndrome.\"

One of the most disgusting, indeed sick practices, is what is called, \"scatting.\" In this one, the partners each smear human feces on each others'bodies, then take turns licking it off their partner.
Not only is there an overwhelming record of child molestation among \"gays\" but they have also, by perverting the use of their bodies, created a disease known as AIDS which they now have managed to spread to heterosexuals.

The Dems not only want Americans to accept homosexuality as \"normal\" but they have also managed to make AIDS the first politically protected disease in history. Even though AIDS is communicable, they have blocked quarantine and have made it illegal for anyone to discriminate against an AIDS carrier, even in employment, which includes working in food service.

The blame for the sexual atrocities committed against Iraqi detainees can be laid squarely on the dems who have insisted that \"gays\" be allowed to serve in the military. George Washington stated; \"For the good of our country, no homosexual will ever be allowed in the army.\"

Good sense would dictate that homosexual men should never be put in charge of captive men; in this case, six military guards that should never have been in the service in the first place. Bondage, humiliation and torture are all part of the homosexual life style.

Six perverted men have made the entire United States Military and the United States itself, appear perverted and barbaric. This has given occasion [for the world] to judge and condemn all Americans by this hideous series of events that came directly out of the liberals political correctness policies. This image of America will give Muslims what they feel is justification to cause more terrorism and deaths.

President Bush correctly stated; \"I also want to remind people that those few people who did that do not reflect the nature of the men and women we\'ve sent overseas.\"

Even Col Allan, the editor in chief of the liberal New York Post, stated; \"I don\'t think that [the sexual assault] should be allowed to reflect poorly on the 140,000 men and women over there who are risking their lives and doing a good job.\" And he is absolutely correct.

It was six American military guards [only] who should never have been allowed in the military, who took advantage of the trust of America to sexually abuse their prisoners. As it says in The Torah, \"A little leaven spoils the whole loaf.\"

The military is considering action against Brig. Gen.Janis Karpinski, the senior officer of the prison when the abuses occurred against 20 detainees last November and December and other commanders. This is the wrong focus. This is not the fault of any commander. Action should be taken against democrat policy makers who made it possible, indeed mandatory, for the abusers to be in the military and to be put in the position where they can fulfill their SSAD lusts and fantasies.

A note to the Islamic world: Those Muslims who back the democratic presidential contender in America should think twice. A democratic president will not only further normalize homosexuality but at the rate the dems are going, might even make it compulsory.
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