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Will Only Ship To U.S. Address - U.S. Buyers Only.
PayPal or Money Order only - shipping insured USPS Priority Mail.

There are no MIM parts in this lot of parts.

A pair of genuine Ebony Grips.

One 70s Colt Barrel & Collet Bushing.
This barrel has been professionally throated years ago.
The barrel is new/unfired. It has been done in electroless Nickel and years ago we did an experimental Antique Nickel patina on it but it is unused.
I did insert it in one of my guns and racked the slide about 50 times just to make certain that it locked up tight and without any problems.

In case you dont want to use the collet bushing there is a standard Colt bushing that has also been E. Nickeled but, has a blue face.

An older Colt SHORT trigger.

A Colt Firing Pin

A machined from bar stock extended ejector - a take off from a new pistol.

A matte Gold plated Colt magazine release - no internal parts.

1 Colt disconnector - one Colt sear. Take offs but great condition and machined - not MIM.

1 Colt extractor - w/ the extractor head and hook tuned and polished by yours truly.

1 Colt hammer & Colt hammer strut -

1 very slightly lightened Colt Commander rowel hammer.

1 older Colt Slide Stop - Nice.

1 Colt Firing Pin Stop

1 machined from bar stock plunger tube - not a take off - plunger tube only no guts.

Asking $70.00 for all - no parts sold separately.
$9.00 Shipping

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