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Well, for all of you that have asked me about different features available in the new software, I can now tell you \"Yes\". It has everything that everyone ha asked me for over the last few weeks and more. And progress is going well on getting the system configured and the colors/graphics the way I want them (close to this color scheme, but a little different). I have made one export of this forum and pulled it over. Everything worked correctly with no errors. Well, almost.

Now for the bad news.

First, Those of you that post pictures by making a link somewhere else will have all of your pictures post immediately when we come up. For those that attach images, all of your posts will not have the graphics in place. The import feature seems to simply ignore images. I will place them all back where they belong by hand once we get moved so the loss will be short term.

Second, the new software handles passwords a little different (different encryption) this software so passwords may not be correct. When you log in over there, you might get a password error that will provide you a link for a \"lost password\". If you take it, the software will send you a new password, by email, to the email you have entered when you became a member here. Be sure the email you have listed in the \"Control Panel\" is correct or you will have a problem. Also, if you had a problem getting the initial email this software sent you during signup (spam software) you will most likely have another problem over there. If we can\'t get the email to you with the new password, you will have to email me ([email protected]) so I can resolve the problem manually. Be patient if we have to fix the problem this way, I will do everything I can to get you back in but I do have a day job and most of this work is handled in the evening and weekends.

Third, alll of your avatars are going to have to be re-done. The good news here is that you can do it on your own. You will be able to upload your own custom avatars on the site which will make load time faster than a linked graphic. I have also uploaded a number of \"stock\" avatars that you can pick from if you don\'t have one. There is a 125x125 pixel limit on the size of an avatar so you may want to insure that yours meets that limit ahead of time.

Fourth, all of your U2U messages will be left behind. If you want to keep any of them, you may want to print them out. Nothing makes the import except for the subject line so I am probably not going to take the time to run the import just for subject lines.

Fifth, I promised all of you that I would never spam you. I will, however, send you a single email after the new site is done that will have the new website address and a reminder of the above issues. Again, if you have a spam filter that preprocesses your email, it may not get to you. I will have a page up at the address of this forum that will direct you to the new site. The same will be posted at and If you experience any problems that I have not mentioned here, please email me at the address above and I will try to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Seventh, my current plan is to take the forum down on Friday afternoon/evening (January 21) and bring it back up at the new location sometime on Saturday (January 22). If all goes well, it will be the morning; if not, it will be later in the afternoon. These dates are subject to change, but that is the plan right now. I know all of you are going to like the features available in the new forum. :)
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