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Please Think of the Children


I see some stupid crap but this takes the taco.

Have you seen this thing?

I have never seen such a level of hype and politically biased crap in my life time.

According to this report, 2867 children died of gunfire in 2002.

1830 were homicide victims.

828 committed suicide

209 died in accidents.

Okay first of all, I checked the Centers for Disease Control website. I pulled up a chart that shows the top 10 causes of death by age categories. All sexes and races were included.

Adding it all up, according to the CDC, in 2002 there were a total of

423 homicides where the victims were ages 1-4
140 homicides where the victims were ages 5-9
216 homicides where the victims were ages 10-14

That’s a total of 779 homicides with absolutely no indication of the weapon used. Even if firearms accounted for 100% of these homicides, and odds are firearms were the weapons used for a fraction of these homicides, that’s less than half of what the Childrens Defense Fund reports.

Also, the CDC does list Suicide as the #3 cause of death for ages 10-14 with 260 victims. Once again, even if firearms did account for 100% of these suicides, that’s still less than 33% of what the Children’s Defense Fund report states. Suicide doesn’t even show up in the top ten causes of death for the younger categories.

Then they go on about what percent was of each ethnicity. Who the hell cares? If we want to protect children, let’s protect children and not be bigots.

Then they list off that 416 of their victims as being under 15, which doesn’t mesh with the CDC numbers either. Also, if 416 of their victims are under 15, 1414 are over 15. How old could they be? 17? 18? 20? Aren’t 18 year olds adults? The Children’s Defense Fund doesn’t say. Did they rake in some 25 year olds to pad their numbers? I mean come on even a 36 year old woman with a 12 year old son of her own is someone’s child after all.

Then they claim as many as 5 times as many children were injured but not killed. Okay that’s roughly 9000 injuries maximum according to their numbers. Let’s look at the CDC info again. Hey look, roughly 5500 kids 15 and under were KILLED and I stress KILLED and not injured in accidents.

How many thousands upon thousands of accidents are there per year involving children?

Aren’t children prone to accidents? I mean come on it’s safe to let a 6 year old wander around freely, right?

How many of these accidents involve a firearm? Who can say? Even if you go with the Children’s Defense Fund numbers, they don’t mean anything. If 9000 kids are injured in gun accidents, how many are injured in car wrecks? Heck how many fall down the stairs?

Then on page 2 they list off a bunch of statistics I won’t hash though because they probably don’t hold water either and they never say how old a “teenager” is. They are also obsessed with comparing Blacks to Whites.

Then there’s this little blurb about how Clinton allowed the so called “Assault Weapons Ban” to expire and how these weapons are designed to slay legions of children in a matter of seconds.

Dear God in Heaven that’s the most ignorant, politically driven statement I think I’ve ever seen. All that ban did was prevent lawful gun owners from installing accessories which make for safer shooting.

First of all no one without a very expensive and hard to get license has had access to an “Assault Weapon” since the 1930’s.

Look at this. It’s short colorful and informative.

Page 3 I won’t comment on. The numbers on page 1 don’t match, so why bother to even check the others?

Then on page 4 there’s this little check list.

1. Support reasonable gun control measures – Like what? Banning all hunting rifles? That seems reasonable because obviously if we ban those bad assault rifles then they’ll just use hunting rifles instead. Because that’s what hunting rifles are for. Hunting Children.
2. Remove guns from your home – I don’t f###ing think so. When the serial pedophile/child killer comes in the middle of the night to take chop up my defenseless 6 year old daughter with an axe, daddy’s going to be standing there with a 12 gauge.
3. Point #3 basically says guns enable violence. Yeah and personal responsibility has nothing to do with it. Get rid of the guns and suddenly people will stop beating their wives. Of course. It’s brilliant.
4. Four recommends some hippy book for children to master. I’ll stick to the Bible thank you. It will still be here in 1000 years and your flavor of the month psychology won’t be.
5. Don’t let your children see violent materials – Well this is a parent’s choice. I agree that you must be careful what you expose your children to, but you know what I grew up watching Rambo and GI Joe and playing DOOM and I’ve never shot anybody. I even own one of those bad assault weapons that kill thousands of children instantly.
6. Help focus the public on child gun deaths. Yes let’s not mourn the loss of a child, let’s harp on how it’s the gun’s fault. You gotta watch those guns. They’ll jump right out at ya.
7. Meaningless dribble that has nothing to do with defending children.
8. I think I might actually agree with this one. Yes, I do agree with point 8 except for the fact that ILLEGAL gun dealers are the only kind open to children.

The rest of page 5 is comparing different colors of people again. Why is the Children’s Defense fund so hung up on this? Are White or Black children more valuable or something?

Oh page 6 is great. California and the District of Colombia have increased homicide/suicide/accident rates involving firearms it seems.

All firearms are banned in the District of Colombia. California has insanely strict gun control laws. See? I can jump to conclusions too. There’s no pattern, rhyme or reason to this table.

On page 7 they vilify the idea of a child actually having their own real gun.


Let’s not ever teach children gun safety!

Let’s never teach them personal responsibility!

I should let all the safety skills I have ever learned just go away. What am I thinking buying junior a .22 for his 11th birthday?

Oh wait. I still have a Marlin Model 60 I got when I was 10. Other than a scratch on the stock it looks brand new, because someone who cared about me taught me it was not a toy but a tool to be taken care of and used properly.

By the way, it holds 14 rounds in the magazine and it is a semiautomatic rifle just like those so called assault weapons. I had access to a real high capacity, rapid firing rifle designed to kill thousands of children instantly at the age of 11 and I was even taught exactly how to operate and maintain it.

By the age of 14 I had a real 12 gauge shotgun that seemed as long as I was tall. And it also looks like it’s brand new.

Then there are some newspaper clippings and a picture which offer no hard information at all, not even misleading information, but they do appeal to your emotions. Yeah emotional sentiment is a great way to make a logical argument.

This crap makes me sick.

It’s not parent’s faults or anyone’s fault that bad things happen to children, it’s those darn guns. The conflicting numbers, illogical conclusions, focus on racial differences, and propaganda tactics tell the whole story.

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Euclidean said:
Besides, if I don't examine my enemy's argument, how can I know that mine is correct?
I agree but would say it a little differently.... It is very worthwhile reading to see what we are up against, I don't really need to read theirs to know my argument is correct. I was listening to my daily (conservative) talk show on my way home from work the other day and someone was giving the host a lot of crap over him allowing a caller to spout some diatribe that was full of lies. The guy host came back with, "I want these people to be able to say these things so the whole country can see how out of touch and crazy they are in their thinking." This applies here, although there are a number of people that will buy into all of these "statistics". :eviltongu
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