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Sometimes the good stuff comes in....

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Being at the shop part-time is a pain a lot of the time. I enjoy it mostly, but it's days like the one I had a week or so ago that make it worthwhile.

Enter one 1934-35 S&W 38/44 Outdoorsman. Idiot touch-up reblue on the frame, everything else untouched. All numbers match, including grips. Bore is perfect - if this thing has seen a more than a few hundred through it in the last 70 years, I want to shake the hand of the guy who did the lockwork.

The best part? Since the part numbers were individually labelled "1513", the guy who bought it when I wasn't behind the counter thought it was a 15-13 - and paid Model 15 beater prices.

Sure, it's a shooter with the reblue. Yes, I got some bad glare off the sideplate in the photo, but this is one I've been wanting for a long, long time.

I cannot say no to a pre-war S&W with adjustable sights for under two bills. No, not me.

(And yes, I know what the grips alone are worth :) )
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reblued or not, its a great piece. Wonderful part of history.

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Good snag Robert - and I know that if the lockwork is anything like what was in my (dear departed) 1917 then it is part ways towards Swiss watch!!

Great aquisition - lucky dude. :smile:

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Very nice!:king:

So that's why we never see these in Montana. They get waylaid in Idaho!:smile:
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