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Hello to all,
This message is being provided to advise and invite any interested parties to participate in the Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC “Training Development Group” (TDG) – Rifle scheduled for Sunday 19 March 2006 in Bridgeport, CT.

This special version of our TDG’s will focus on the AR15 style rifle and over the 4 – 5 hour span of this program the participant will have the opportunity to learn the basics of or practice the following deployment and shooting skills:

Standard and Alternate Shooting Positions / Stances

Multiple Target Engagements

Transitioning to a Secondary weapon (Handgun)

Reloading and Stoppage Clearing

Use of Cover

And More

The cost per person for this program is $185.00 and this amount includes all required rifle ammunition. The participant will be required to provide 100 rounds of their own handgun ammunition. However discounts are available if purchased through Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC

Space within this program is limited to 10 participants and the registration deadline is 08 March 2006. Anyone who would like additional information or to register is asked to contact the training division of Williams Associates Protective Services at [email protected] or at 203.924.1784

Be Safe

Bryan S. Williams
Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC

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New Book –
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