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Spreading the Wealth

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Our local Wally World puts out any ammo received the night before at 07:00 a.m.. Because of my work hours, the weekend is my only chance to show up early and hope they've got something I want. Today I showed up at 06:30 since the line by 07:00 is generally 8-10 persons long. Two other guys beat me. We were just hanging out shooting the bull when a sales associate came out and gave us a heads up on what came in. Pay Dirt! 10 boxes of Winchester 555 rd 22lr as well as a mix of 9 mm, 40 SW, .223, .380, .45, .308 and some 12 ga 00 buck. We were all there for 22's, so we were feeling pretty darn good about getting up early. As more and more guys showed up, we found they too were looking for 22s. Although the 3 of us up front could have just about wiped em out, we decided to back off and let everyone else in line get one. The first two guys took 2 plus whatever else, and I took one plus some 9's. Everyone in line left happy. I would have liked those other two boxes, but I felt good knowing we had all been sharing the pain, and had a chance to share in the wealth.
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