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Springfield XDSC 357sig Conversion

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Quick question can you convert a Springfield XD Sub-compact (3in) 40sw to 357sig? Does anyone make a conversion barrell and mag? WHy doesnt SF make a 357 in the SC?
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Probably because 357 is not a common size. And the 357 is a high pressure round so maybe they can't make a strong enough SC? IDK, just guessing :smile:
I really don't understand the engineering behind a lot of this. I don't want to convert my .40 to something else -- I would have bought the "something else" if that is what I wanted.

I understand that finances can enter into these discussions. But, I have to assume that most of us are far more interested in reliability. (after all, this forum is about defensive guns)

Does a "conversion" actually create a reliable weapon? And, I guess a second question is, why? If you want an xx instead of a yy, then buy the xx. Not trying to be tacky, but I refer back to my reliability comment.
I understand your point about reliability however, when there are not a lot of options in the caliber, a conversion may be necessary
While currently out of stock, here is what you're looking for. Also, soon, it looks like these guys will make one as well.

The .40 XDsc will handle .357sig just fine with the new barrel and the same magazines/slide,extractor/etc. as the .357sig uses the exact same cases, just a smaller bullet.

As to why you'd want to do that, perhaps because while the XD is offered in .357sig, the sc model is not, and that's no reason not to shoot a great round?

Enjoy! :smile::wave:
I like the round and there are not very many pistols chambered for it. Hardly any single stacks, aside from the 239.
I like the round and there are not very many pistols chambered for it. Hardly any single stacks, aside from the 239.
I agree with you, I carry a 239 chambered for the 357 sig. 357 are my favorite numbers :yup:
New used 239 in 357 sig

Just looking over this thread and thought I would add my thoughts.

My first .357 Sig was in a Sig P226 40 format that had an extra .357 Sig barrel. Really liked the round, but alas, the 226 was too heavy for plain/civilian clothes (I am a retired LEO and feel that the 226 is pretty much a uniform/holster gun).

This afternoon, I picked up a nice 40 P239 two tone with three mags (been looking at this gun at a local dealer for several months). I called Sig right away and ordered the .357 Sig barrel and two .357/239 magazines (you need seperate mags on this single stack gun or so I am told).

I think this will be a great carry gun even though it is slightly heavier than my Glock 19 and 36 (besides I wanted the same brand gun as the folks who were responsible for the .357 Sig.)

This is a great forum and the folks posting have a lot of good info to share.


Trooper Joe

PS--I think the original subject matter of this thread is very interesting. Before I go "toe up" I want to own a compact XD is some interesting caliber.
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