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Stack-On or Sentry?

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If you had to decide between a Stack-On or Sentry full-size gun safe, which would you choose, and why?

I would prefer a larger safe by Cannon or Granite, but the size and price may be too much for us right now.

Stack-On? Sentry?
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This is a neither for me sorry they just aren't tough enough i could open either of them with a small prybar in under 15 mins we did one once at a gunshop for a demo
Yeah, I know. Dang it.

Basically, which one sucks less? :frown:
They both suck so.. buy which ever one is heavier and thicker steel
Try to save and get at least the heavy type 30 min fire resistant deals. I forget Bud's make but I think it is like mine - mine being a Safari. I'd like better but did feel I had a good $700 worth or so.

No safe is totally proof against ingess but it is down to the difficulty factor - as well I guess too as the weight, mounting etc - so the darned thing can't be hauled off in toto.!!


Aside - Bud - ever get those extra clips for yours - so you could add more shelves? Like I did.
I wouldn't be so harsh on the Sentry. Some of them are pretty decent low budget safes. An experienced safecracker will defeat them easily as will a cutting torch, but that's true for any safe!

I take from the post that either economical, light, or expedient security is necessary. You can't always get a 700 pound safe just because that's what you want, even if you have the cash for it.

Basically what are you looking for, a storage locker that will basically keep honest people out, or a low end RSU that will actually impede a casual crook? The former will possibly cost less than $100 and the latter will cost at least $400.

I'm all for the best safe you can afford and find the real estate for, but I've been in police stations and seen the police store their weapons in the cheap gunlockers day in, day out. Things like that have a place and they're a damn sight better than nothing.

If nothing else, it would be prudent to get one just for temporary and save a little money here and there until something else could be bought.

Also, look in the paper and such. Sometimes a used business safe comes up for sale that is big enough to hold guns and they're fairly secure relatively speaking.

I'm often raked over the coals for my opinion on this matter, but I honestly feel without building a special room into the structure itself, you can throw your whole paycheck into weapons storage and still come up short. By all means get something, don't make it easy and quick for some idiot to steal your guns quickly, but it's a simple matter of how good is the theif. Thankfully I do think most thieves that would be smart or resourceful enough to defeat most of these type containers would typically be looking for better scores.

Be honest with yourself about what you really hope to accomplish and how much you can really afford (more than you think probably).

I've a middle of the road unit myself right now, and plan to upgrade to bigger and better because I know I'll move some day relatively soon.
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My Sentry was a bit heavier than the stack on models. No fire rating , and not all that secure. I live in a low crime area , so the main intent was securing the arms from kids. I looks as if it would take a bit of work to pry it open, but a torch would make quick work of it.
Im just trying to warn i understand people can flip the bill for the cannon like it did but im not a safe cracker and i pried one open in under 15 mins with a 12 in pry bar ..

If you have to buy one find a closet as deep as you can in the house and put it in that closet.

Then put up a Fake wall in front of it where you can remove it for easy access but its not obvious its a Fake wall that will work pretty well
That's a good idea Bud...

Also you're probably talking about the thin metal locker type safe I would imagine. I can't imagine those as being secure other than against honest people.
Here is the model I have.
Ok for my purposes, as a heavy safe would fall thru my floor. I added ammo at the bottom to increase the ease of moving it. Still , empty it was a pain for 3 of us to slide it in the house on snow, cardbaord and carpeting.
I would NEVER consider a gun "locker" or "cabinet". I'm talking about getting something solid...with real dead bolts.
as will a cutting torch
That is why you have 3 cans of BP for your muzzle loader "stored" against the sides near the lock :saevil:
rocky said:
Here is the model I have.
Ok for my purposes, as a heavy safe would fall thru my floor. I added ammo at the bottom to increase the ease of moving it. Still , empty it was a pain for 3 of us to slide it in the house on snow, cardbaord and carpeting.

I've got the same safe with an electronic lock. It's mounted to the foundation of my house through the floor in my bedroom's closet. Perfect for my needs and budget. I paid less than $500.00 at a local outdoor store. It's dramatically better than a locking cabinet.
Thanks. I've got a safe now. I got a great deal on a used American Security safe.
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