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(***For all of the action items below, you can find contact information
for your legislators by using the "Write Your Representatives" tool at For information on NRA-PVF candidate endorsements, NRA
members are encouraged to call the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division at (800)
392-VOTE (8683), or visit If you go to the NRA-PVF
site, you will have to provide your NRA member ID number to access the
site. Your NRA member ID number can be found on the front of your NRA
magazine or on your NRA membership card. Your ID number on the
magazine's mailing label is the 10-digit number that follows the code:
#07901. Examples of how to find your ID number can also be found at on the login page accessed by choosing your state. As
always, thank you for your support.***)

States with updates this issue: Alaska, California, Delaware, Michigan,
New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

On June 20, Governor Frank Murkowski (R) signed SB 274, important
legislation pertaining to the disposal of forfeited, surplus, and/or
unclaimed firearms. Under existing law, the state must dispose of
forfeited, surplus, or recovered but unclaimed firearms and ammunition
by selling or trading them to a licensed dealer. Firearms and
ammunition that are not "serviceable," "safe," or "legal" shall be
destroyed. SB 274, sponsored by Senator Fred Dyson (District I-R),
extends the requirements to local municipalities as well as the state
and removes the very subjective reference to "serviceable" and "safe."
The bill requires firearms and ammunition that are sold, to be done so
at a public sale, not limited solely to dealers. SB 274 will allow
trade-ins for credit on new firearms as well as donations and transfers
between law enforcement agencies. However, it does not guarantee that
all firearms would be made available to the public. Firearms disposed
of in any "non-sale" methods must be reported to the legislature
annually during budget review sessions in the interest of oversight. A
special thank you to all NRA members for your calls and e-mails in
support of SB 274 during the legislative session!

The State Senate is now on vacation until August 7, and AB 352,
sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D-42), and AB 2714, sponsored by
Assemblyman Alberto Torrico (D-20), are on hold for a vote until the
Senate reconvenes. AB 352 would require that serial numbers, make, and
model numbers be micro-stamped into the interior surface or internal
working parts of all handguns produced after a certain date. AB 2714
would ban the sale of ammunition through the mail or internet. Please
continue to contact your Senator and urge him or her to protect
law-abiding gun owners by voting against AB 352 and AB 2714. For more
information on both of these bills, please visit

Earlier this year, Delaware's efforts to join the ranks of the vast
majority of states by becoming a "shall-issue" Right-to-Carry state,
through passage of HB 359, appeared to be on the fast track for success.
However, due to political games played by anti-gunners, the result was
the introduction of a number of "killer amendments" designed to defeat
the bill and further intrude upon the privacy of the lawful citizens of
the State of Delaware. In the end, the chances of one of the truly
onerous amendments being attached to the bill was too great a risk to
take on behalf the law-abiding citizens of Delaware. NRA-ILA will be
publishing "grades" for all of the major candidates for public office
this November, and rest assured, HB 359 will be high among the issues
considered when those grades are assigned.

Important legislation has been sent to Governor Jennifer Granholm's (D)
desk! On June 29, the "Castle Doctrine" package comprised of HB 5142,
by Representative Tom Casperson (R-108), HB 5143, by Representative Rick
Jones (R-71), HB 5153, by Representative Leslie Mortimer (R-65), HB
5548, by Representative Tim Moore (R-97), SB 1046, by Senator Alan
Cropsey (R-33), as well as SB 1185, by Senator Ron Jelinek (R-21),
overwhelmingly passed the State Legislature and is now en route to the
Governor. This legislative package will help the citizens of Michigan
by clarifying the rights and duties of self-defense and the defense of
others within one's home and/or occupied vehicle and provide immunity
from civil liability for self-defense actions. Along with the "Castle
Doctrince" package, Senate Bill 1105, sponsored by Senator Michelle
McManus (R-35), and House Bill 5192, sponsored by Representative Scott
Hummel (R-93) are also headed to the Governor. SB 1105 makes it easier
for new participants to become involved in our hunting heritage by
allowing them to hunt with a licensed adult for up to two years without
taking lengthy hunter education courses. HB 5192 drops the hunting age
from 14 to 12 for big game and 12 to 10 for small game. Please contact
Governor Granholm TODAY at (517) 373-3400 or (517) 335-7858 and urge her
to support "Castle Doctrine" legislation, SB 1105, and HB 5192.

By a vote of 7 to 1, the Jersey City Council passed its
"one-gun-a-month" handgun rationing scheme at its June 28 Council
meeting, but unanimously defeated its "junk gun" ban, which is being
re-drafted a second time and will be re-introduced at a future date.
After a heated debate between gun rights activists and anti-gun
extremists, City Council President Mariano Vega, Jr. admitted that the
gun rationing ordinance "is feel-good legislation that will probably not
reduce crime, but we have to start somewhere, so I am voting yes." The
lone vote against the rationing scheme came from Councilman Michael
Sottolano ([email protected]) (201) 547-5098). Members are encouraged
to contact Councilman Sottolano and thank him for his courage and
integrity. Ordinance # 06-082 bans the purchase of more than one
handgun per month, and leaves Jersey City residents unable to defend
themselves if their firearm requires repair or is stolen within four
weeks of purchase. The ordinance will become effective 20 days after
passage, upon signing by the Mayor. The ordinance violates New Jersey's
preemption law, which forbids municipalities from regulating where the
state has already spoken. The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol
Clubs (NRA's New Jersey State affiliate) has vowed to challenge the
illegal ordinance in Court, and CeaseFire New Jersey executives
threatened at the hearing to organize a defense on behalf of Jersey City
using pro-bono services of a major New Jersey law firm.

On June 13, introductory resolution IR-1738-2006 was introduced in the
Suffolk County Legislature by Legislator Kate Browning. It would stop
all ongoing actions and efforts to reopen the Suffolk County Trap &
Skeet Range. The range is scheduled to reopen on July 15, 2006, but if
this resolution passes out of the Parks & Recreation Committee and is
brought to the floor of the full County Legislature, it may not open at
all. At the last Parks & Recreation Committee meeting held on June 21,
the Committee decided to table IR-1738-2006 and bring it up for
discussion once again at the next Parks & Recreation Committee meeting.
The next meeting is scheduled for August 2, at 11:00 a.m., at the
Suffolk County Legislative Building, Veterans Memorial Highway,
Hauppauge, NY 11788, (631) 853-4000. Please plan to attend this
meeting, and please call your Legislator and urge the Committee members
to oppose IR-1738-2006. The Suffolk County Legislature can be reached
at (631) 853-4074 or by visiting Ms.
Browning is not giving up her fight on her resolution and only large
numbers of people can and will influence the members of this committee,
of which Ms. Browning is a member. We can, and we must, persuade the
committee and/or the County legislature to do the right thing and reopen
the Suffolk County Trap & Skeet Range. If the County government wasn't
enough to deal with, a group called the Long Island Pine Barrens Society
claims it has jurisdiction over whether or not the Suffolk County Trap &
Skeet Range can reopen. The Pine Barrens Society has already decided to
sue if the Suffolk County Trap & Skeet Range is reopened. The next
meeting of the Pine Barrens Society is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19,
which is four days after the Suffolk Range is scheduled to open. Please
keep checking your e-mail and for updates on this
important issue.

This week, Philadelphia legislators filed five discharge resolutions in
an attempt to move anti-gun legislation out of the House Judiciary
Committee to the House floor for a possible vote. Among the resolutions
was legislation to create a one-gun-a-month statute in the City of
Philadelphia. This legislation would allow Philadelphia to usurp
Pennsylvania's preemption statute by limiting handgun purchases to one a
month. Representative Dwight Evans (D-203) who took the lead role,
along with 25 co-sponsors, submitted these resolutions in a misguided
attempt to address violence in Philadelphia. Instead of infringing upon
Second Amendment rights, legislators should be supporting additional
funding for Philadelphia's version of Project Exile. Please urge your
legislators to support additional funding for Philadelphia's version of
Project Exile, which puts anti-crime efforts into practice without
dissolving your Second Amendment rights. The general phone number for
the General Assembly is (717) 787-2372.
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