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Sticks and stones may break your bones...

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I am certified to carry an ASP, and I enjoy tackling my heavy bag with it every once in awhile. I don't carry it much anymore, but learning to use and having a defensive tool is always a good thing. :cool:

There's plenty of other things that make great batons, like hickory axe handles. Here's a baton I made from a fiberglas axe handle, alongside my 16" ASP. The paracord wrap has since been replaced with a neoprene-like slip on sleeve that provides a really great grip.

Anybody else like their sticks? :fing02:
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Hey Betty,

I haven't been online for awhile. But I always enjoyed your posts and pics as ROTL on THR. I'm stripping bark from a 'walking stick' I cut it from a maple branch, I think. It's the first work my tomahawk has done, and I'm getting a kick outta shaping it just right. Then I'll set it up to dry. When finished, it will be about five feet long and have a tacked metal foot, and a leather wrapped grip with a paracord loop. Thicker than a Bo, it should offer some leverage I hope. If it turns out well, I will try a hardwood stick next.

Good shootin',


I see that Cold Steel has a walking stick made from ash. I think it's 37 inches long.

I know that's taller than you are, but you could have it shortened. :)

You are a brave man, Mr. T. A braaaave man. I fear a woman with a stick! :biggrin:
You want to live forever?


Considering all of the jokes I've done on Betty, one more 'short joke' can't hurt my cause much more.

Of course, if she is on the attack she could hide out just about anywhere. Behind a bush. Under a car. Inside a box of Saltines...
Unfortunately, Texas law makes a "billy club" an illegal concealed weapon. So even though I can carry as many pistols and 5.5-inch bladed knives as I want, I can't carry a short stick. (Depending on where you are, they're likely to call your axe-handle, baseball bat, or other striking weapon a billy club too.)

You can carry something that you have a legitimate non-weapon use for. So, for me a favorite is the 5-cell, c-cell maglight. I have taken my Japanese Jo staff along as a walking stick. It's 54.25 inches long and one inch thick of Japanese white oak.
I keep a hickory axe handle in my truck....It is also a legitimate tool to replace your "serpentine" belt on the engine....I use it for leverage in compressing the pulley to get the belt on....I always keep a spare (old) serpentine belt in the truck too.....just in case I'm ever asked.
unfortunately, here in MI we are not allowed to carry any type of baton.
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