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Still have that Newbie smell

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Hey guys! Just wanted to say hello. Just moved to California from Florida and have that naked feeling not being able to carry. Does anyone know anything that might help me on getting a permit here in CA?
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Welcome from Michigan!

As for your problem, got any pictures of Arnold in a compromising position?
Welcome from another Californian.

It's all about location. The top counties (at least in 2006) are:
1) Kern County 4006
2) Orange County 2890*
3) Fresno County 2720
4) Tulare County 2501
5) San Bernardino County 2472
6) Shasta County 2316
7) Butte County 1766
8) San Diego County 1540
9) Mendocino County 1378
10) Los Angeles County 1289
11) El Dorado County 1225


They have a lot of county-specific info for CCW in the land of fruits and nuts.
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welcome from s.e. michigan. can't help ya out info wise but do wish ya luck
on getting a permit in CA..
Welcome from Victoria, B.C. :wave:

Think you've got it bad in CA? I'd trade your laws for ours in a heartbeat.
Welcome from Florida
I have no suggestions, but welcome from Tennessee!
Welcome from South Carolina...
PastorPac thanks for the info. Looks like its going to be a long road. And thank you to everyone for the welcoming.
Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome aboard from Virginia.
Welcome from Texas! :wave:
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Alabama.
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