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This was posted by Anne Reeve over on KFC:

I would like to enlist your help to be eyes out in the market place for one of our Special Forces soldiers who has had his Yarborough knife stolen. His home, which I believe is in Illinois, was broken into and a variety of items were stolen, among which was the Yarborough that was presented to him when he graduated from Special Forces Qualification course. The possibility exists that the knife will emerge somewhere for sale.

The knife is marked YARBOROUGH 1626 and the CR Harsey logo is only on the back. In every other respect it looks just like a Green Beret Knife.

As you folks tour around the different knife discussion forums, sales websites, eBay and knife shows, please keep a lookout. If you see the knife anywhere, please note who is offering it for sale, let us know or advise your local police.

Thanks very much!

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