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Store Clerk Fatally Shot While Fighting Off Robber

by Thomas Ropp

The Arizona Republic

Oct. 17, 2005 12:00 AM

A clerk at a Phoenix convenience store who was filling in for another employee was fatally shot early Sunday during a struggle with a man who apparently wanted to rob the business.

Surveillance video at the Water and Ice Car Wash, 4601 E. Chandler Blvd. in Ahwatukee Foothills, shows Marvin Walters, 38, being shot shortly after midnight while trying to grab the man's gun.

"This is a very tragic case," said Sgt. Lauri Williams, a Phoenix police spokeswoman.

Walters, who leaves behind a wife and several children, lived only a mile from the store. He was training as a manager and got the call to fill in when the regular night employee couldn't make it, Williams said.

Surveillance shows Walters talking to the man while Walters was stocking the store's refrigerator. When the man turned away for a moment, Walters is seen trying to grab his gun. A struggle ensued, and the gun fired, killing Walters.

Phoenix police are asking the public to help with identifying the shooter.
He is described as Hispanic, 20 to 27 years old, about 5 feet 11 with a muscular build and having a shaved head.
He was wearing a black T-shirt, dark pants and a white Arizona Cardinals baseball hat, which he left at the scene.
He has a tattoo on the side of his neck bearing numbers.
He left the store on foot.

Anyone with information is asked to call Phoenix police at (602) 262-6141 or Silent Witness at (480) 948-6377.

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I wonder at what stage the threat was actually perceived. So much better would have been gun on Walter's person and brought quickly into play - grabbing a gun is fraught with hazards, as we sadly see.

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Wow, this one's especially rough considering that he shouldn't have even been on duty that night...
Condolences to the family, I hope they catch the BG.
Seems like they have a pretty good chance with the video tape. Think they might get some DNA from the hat? Maybe not with the shaved head...
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