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Study in Leather and Steel

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I was playing with our old, first generation digital camera, and took a few pics of what I carry. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. It also gave me a chance to experiment with the gallery and posting pics.

Moderators: if this is inappropriate, given that the pics are already in the gallery, please delete the post and let me know.

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No, they are fine, Tom. Great pics of a great gun! :smile:
nice gun and knife. Kershaw Blur?

Nice Impressive Pics & good lighting.
I love nice firearm photographs. Photo #2 is especially nice.
I like the idea of the "skyward" blade edge showing the highlighted profile of your knife blade.
Something I've never seen before. Neat!
Tom - you have good taste Sir!!! :smile:

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rocky said:
nice gun and knife. Kershaw Blur?
Yep. I trained with a Gerber Mark I, originally, so working with a single-edge folder took a little getting used to, but my Blur is my constant companion, now. I like the Ken Onion designs.
P95Carry said:
Tom - you have good taste Sir!!!
As do you! That's a beautiful shot, too.
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