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Suggestions please?

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Looking for suggestions.. My wife got a SA XD sub9 for Christmas. She has been wearing it since she got it. I think I even felt in in bed Christmas night. Not sure how she was carryin it but anyway. She has expressed purse carry options. Im lookin for some suggestions for her. Any ladies have ideas or any one who has a significant other that carries this way? Im personally not crazy about it however some of her more curvy clothes make it hard to cover. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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I am against off-body carry, and strongly recommend that she does not use that method unless she absolutely has to. Purses are common targets for thieves, not to mention they may not always be close by when something might happen.

I do know of one lady who does purse carry, and she walks with it slung over her weak arm\'s shoulder with her gun hand in the opening. The way she has it positioned makes it looks like she\'s \"extra protective\" about her purse and it does not appear her hand is in the purse and on her gun.

I do have a generic brand carry purse with a velcro closure, which in my opinion, is better than a zipper that may snag or break. I haven\'t used it in a long time, but I admit that hidden pocket is nifty for storing extra mags.

If I\'m in an evening dress, I carry my Mustang in my small evening bag. There are thigh rigs available, which holster the gun on the inside of the thigh. That might be handy for a shorter evening dress (where she\'s not having to pull up a long dress), but I\'ve never used one before.

Anyone who carries a gun learns how and what to wear, and many times they have to compensate. What is worth more - looking fashionable or staying armed? I\'m petite with a small waist, but wearing a bellyband holster and having a shirt that covers at least 6\" past my waist can conceal a USPc. You also learn how to reach over by crouching with the knees instead of bending at the waist, so the shirt does not ride up and reveal the gun.

Several manufacturers make carry purses, including:
Coronado Leather

Google \"gun purse\" for more vendors.

* And she should probably pick out her own. :lol:
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If she does not like IWB, what about a fanny pack?

There are lots of diffrent makes and sizes:

Here are a few
The Back packer from wilderness:

Link to wilderness

Also coranado leather has several fanny packs. Here is one.

Link to Coronado Leather

I have a BlackHawk one that is large, and looks tactical. But it does work well.

link to BlackHawk

I got this when i first got a pistol because i was not sure i could really hide a pistol IWB. I still use this from time to time.
( I have found that i like inside the wast band better now that i have gotten used to it.)
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Although Betty mentioned that\" in purse\" carry of a gun is not the best idea, its a fact of life that most women will at one time or another carry a gun in the purse for various reasons.

With that being said, let me suggest that when she does put in there, that it be in its own holster.

Heres the thing.Guns can and do get fouled. Spilled perfume can be hard on the finish and on synthetic grips in some cases it can even melt or dissolve them.
Stuff will get clogged in the barrel and that is dangerous. I\'ve seen aspirin fall out of barrels and cylinders, a pencil stuck in the barrel tying up the gun, melted chocolate bar all over one, and lint and various things like bubble gum, gummy bears and whatever you can imagine all over the gun. Putting a gun in the purse is also a bad idea as you have no control over the muzzle as it gets bounced around.

I\'ve requalified women for CCW permits that hadnt even touched their gun since they qualified 4 years ago, in fact they never gave it a thought till the day they had to shoot to requal. You just cant imagine what some of these things look like. Not to mention the fact that the alcohol in perfume is a pretty effective primer killer.

At the very least, with its own holster that sits securly in the purse, it will go along way to keeping contaminants off of it and it will propbably snuggle in and makes its own place in the purse.

And remember to practice drawing it from the purse. She needs to be able to feel it in the dark and know exactly where it is.If you\'ve got kids in the house, its important not to leave it in there where they can get to it. Lots of kids like to look in their Mommas purse for all kinds of things to eat and play with. Dont leave it in if they are around.
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I\'m really at a loss at how women carry besides on the purse.

With some of the nice (read: HOT!) clothes women wear these days, so form fitting, it almost seems like it would be hard to conceal anything bigger then a PM9 or KelTec type gun.

Of course if she doesnt'tuck in her shirt, that makes things a lot easier. On the other hand, i notice that a lot of shirts for women are not exactly long, actually made to show a little mid-section if anything.

So anyways, i have no idea where i was going with this post and i\'m babbaling, but its so much fun isn\'t it? :D
My wife purse carries. It is just too impractical for her to carry otherwise. If the option is there she will carry on her person but most times her .357 is in her purse. She keeps a damn close eye on that purse though.
I also say to avoid off-body carry if possible.

I was at the range once and asking about carry purses (as a gift - not for me! :O )

Anyway, the guy at the counter took a fake gun (a lasergrip demo I think) and put it into a purse. Then he asked to me steal it from him.

I was reluctant but played along. I sucessfully grabbed the purse from him BUT although I had the purse he has his \"gun\" drawn!

Apparently your hand goes inside a loop and if the purse is snatched a lanyand actually pulls the gun out practically into the hand. I was amazed.

The only thing is... you\'d have to have your hand near the purse. Also, this purse was NOT cheap.
Originally posted by Betty
There are thigh rigs available, which holster the gun on the inside of the thigh.
I like that idea, a gun gater belt...a little kinky:p

My wife hasn\'t decided on her carry gun yet, she\'s thinking about the sub compact Glock 9mm, I think it\'s the 26? Then comes th other hard choice... how/where to carry.
maybe or another brand is thunderwear i believe..i have one but it works for some..i really like mine..not sure it would be all that good for a dress unless its a very short one.....but take a look
Guardian Leather

logistar, a guy by the name of Bob Smith made a purse similar or perhaps the same as you are talking about. Have one in my computer desk that I use on occasion.

Sold many of them in both leather and nylon when I was still in the business. Don\'t know if Bob is still in business or not. He and De Santis were in court several years ago, and I have not talked to Bob since.
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