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Summer Carry Clothes

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I recieved my CPL a few weeks ago, and in the U.P. of Michigan, it has been sweatshirt season for about a month already, so concealing has been easy. (Hoodie or jacket).
Trying to think positive toward summer (8 months away.....:blink:)

What is your best summer carry options. I'm affraid cargo shorts and a T-shirt won't cut it with my Glock 22 in a super-tuck...maybe it will.

What do you do?

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I would think you're fine. As long as the shirts aren't too tight and are long enough. I carry an M&Pc in an IWB all summer without a problem.
Jeans and a loose T-shirt or Business Casual, tucked or untucked polo shirt all work fine with a tuckable IWB.
Yeah a good IWB holster and a loose fitting shirt work most of the time. I would also recommend the SmartCarry for even deeper concealment.
I can pull off carrying my Beretta PX4 Storm in a Crossbreed Supertuck with cargo shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt. I prefer the extra concealability of wearing a Hawaiian print type button down that isn't tucked in. Other's like to tuck their shirts in and "blouse" the shirt, but that is not what I prefer.

The solid no-pattern button downs print more than the multi-color patterned shirts from my experience.

Of course, when it gets hot during the summer, I tend to pocket carry in Cargo shorts.
G22 is a bit on the large side to be considered for most here, but possible for many. The G23 and G27 would be more adept to the summer clothing carry methods IMO. Where there's a will, there's a way though, and many options available.
I never have any problem with shorts and a t-shirt... a loose fitting t-shirt! :smile:

Oh yeah, the largest weapon I carry that way is a SIG P-220R Elite Carry SAO... not exactly small. :wink:

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John, if I can do it you can too.
At 5'4" and 125 pounds with the right clothing nobody notices my Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II in a Desantis Speed Scabbard with shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt.
Prints and darker colors will help to hide what should stay hidden better than white or light colors, and cotton or cotton/poly blends are better than rayon or anything with lycra, which can tend to cling.
Remember as well body movements have a lot to do with keeping a gun hidden, reach for higher things with your "other" hand, reach for lower things by bending at the knees, not the waist.
And remember we who carry tend to think about bulges and printing way more than the sheep do. That slight bump under your shirt could be anything, a cell phone, a multi-tool, a pager etc.
It might be a little tougher to CC with the 22, but with the correct shirt and the Supertuck you should be OK. I carried this past summer with an OWB holster so you should be fine if/when it ever warms up in this random state.
I never have any problem with shorts and a t-shirt... a loose fitting t-shirt! :smile:

Oh yeah, the largest weapon I carry that way is a SIG P-220R Elite Carry SAO... not exactly small. :wink:


What holster is that?

I'm only 5'6" and I was able to conceal my Glock 23 (mid-size) with a Tagua OWB holster and an oversized t-shirt.
I carry a G23 IWB most of the summer with shorts and a t-shirt...with that setup, my wife sometimes has to hug me to tell if its there (and she makes other CCers about once a month, so if she doesn't see it, it might as well not be there).

If you go loose with the shirts and keep the G22 close and high (or IWB) you'll be fine.

Way to go on the prior planning...
This is part of the reason I LOVE my 709. I can conceal it OWB in shorts and a loose T-shirt.
I use a Galco deep concealment with my Glock 23 or I sometimes use a Thunderware holster. I can carry my S&W 686-7 with 2-1/2 barrel, or even my 4 inch S&W mod 29 .44 mag under cotton shorts with no shirt and no one the wiser. That is an extremely large hand cannon for cc. It does work

What holster is that?

UBG Canute. :wink:
I've picked up a lot of cotton print shirts in tall sizes. Worn loose it easily covers and hides, with a Supertuck it hides as well.
I wear T-shirts and print shirts, and shorts all the time in the FL heat.
I have no problem with my Glock-36 in an OWB holster...pretty easy if the shirts are a little larger than normal.:wave:
I've been wearing Columbia FG shirts for the last 2 years. They keep you cool and I have no problem carrying my 3" S&W model 657 .41 mag in a Askins style holster with no problems. I'm only 5' 7" and 170 lbs.
UBG Canute. :wink:

UBG Holsters
Thanks, I got to get me a new IWB holster this may be it.
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