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I was browsing tonight. I cam across a ak 47 pistol. It is technically, by law, a pistol that fires a rifle round. My initial though was that this would be the ultimate gun to carry in a vehicle. This in my opinion would greatly surpass the Taurus Judge in stopping power, and defiantly in penetration (for most applications to much). Unless i am missing something, i don't see how this would be a legal issue. I am a resident of Michigan. Any thoughts pertaining to the legalities to this would be appreciated. Thanks!
It's a pistol. It's legal. Must register as a pistol in MI. Subject to CPL laws. You can carry it loaded in your vehicle or concealed on your person. I carry an AR15 pistol in my vehicle.

It is not a SBR. The weapon has to have had a shoulder stock currently or previously attached in order to be a SBR.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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