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i also have no first hand experience with SBR legalities, but one would assume that if it's legally a pistol, you can treat it like a pistol in every way. a SBR AR15 is one thing i plan to do in the future for exactly this purpose, but i haven't looked into it that deeply.

one thing i have heard though, is that AR/AK pistols have to follow the "once a pistol, always a pistol... once a rifle, always a rifle" rule. if the AK pistol was once a rifle and was converted, i don't think it's technically considered a pistol and therefore cannot be concealed as such...without the NFA paperwork for a SBR of course. i think it has to be 'born' as a pistol... as in purchased, assembled, and registered (if your state has gun registration) as a pistol.

what i do know is that a pistol/rifle designtion has nothing to do with the caliber used, but has everything to do with barrel length. if i've interpreted PA laws correctly, a "firearm" is a rifle with a barrel length less than 16", a shotgun with a barrel length less than 18", etc etc. PA's 'carry permit' is called a License to Carry Firearms (LTCF). i believe, by law, that if a person posesses a PA LTCF, he or she could legally carry a "firearm" of any kind as long as they have the proper NFA paperwork.

i'll keep researching this though, this has me thinking now. lol.
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