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Besides my CCW, knife, cell phone, and multi-tool alway on my person:

Savage .22 rifle, 60 rds. CCI Stingers, 12 shotshells
2- 1 liter bottles water, 2- 1 gal jugs water
1 gal. jug, siphon pump, hose
oil, atf, p steering fluid, LOTS of tools
air compressor
hi-lift jack
small first-aid kit
emergency fishing kit
3 mag-lites, 2 sets batteries ea.
3 flares
3 orange cyalume sticks
2 sets binoculars (4x, and 12x)
2 pr. cotton gloves, 1 pr. leather gloves
1 full change of clothes
light jacket
heavy coat
climbing rope (100')
tow rope (2-12')
20'tow chain
large multi-tool
razor knife
$10 in coins
$25 small bills
and most importanly, TOILET PAPER!!!

I\'m sure there is more, just can\'t remember all of it!

And I drive 1 mile to work, lol. Immagine if I had to commute!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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