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Great list, most of which I too have and I will add these items.


Garmin StreetPilot c330 Deluxe GPS
3 MRE\'s
power inverter
surgical tubing
Duct tape
ding repair kit (for surfboards, sorry)
Extra leashes which can double as tourniquets
Wool blankets
Jumper cables
emergency sewing kit
ground up coffee (aids in stopping bleeding)
Baby Wipes (Wife insists on them :kay: )

Originally posted by 10-Ring
Besides my CCW, knife, cell phone, and multi-tool alway on my person:

Savage .22 rifle, 60 rds. CCI Stingers, 12 shotshells
2- 1 liter bottles water, 2- 1 gal jugs water
1 gal. jug, siphon pump, hose
oil, atf, p steering fluid, LOTS of tools
air compressor
hi-lift jack
small first-aid kit
emergency fishing kit
3 mag-lites, 2 sets batteries ea.
3 flares
3 orange cyalume sticks
2 sets binoculars (4x, and 12x)
2 pr. cotton gloves, 1 pr. leather gloves
1 full change of clothes
light jacket
heavy coat
climbing rope (100')
tow rope (2-12')
20'tow chain
large multi-tool
razor knife
$10 in coins
$25 small bills
and most importanly, TOILET PAPER!!!

I\'m sure there is more, just can\'t remember all of it!

And I drive 1 mile to work, lol. Immagine if I had to commute!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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