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SureFire L4 LumaMax

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I received my new light that I bought off ebay today. It didn't come with the CR123 batteries. So when the clerk at WM called me today to let me know they had some 9mm ammo in, I picked up the batteries while I was there. When I got back in my truck I installed the batteries to check and make sure that it worked. Boy is it bright (with 120 lumens). I shinned it in my eyes and it gave me an instant headache that lasted until I got home. I contacted the seller tonight about the batteries, but I think that I got a good deal even if they don't send or credit me for the batteries. I got it for $69 dollars and it looks just like new. It just doesn't have the papers and batteries. The batteries were listed in it's description.

I don't think that I would want a light with less than 120 lumens, but I would like a light that is a little smaller and one that has a reversible pocket clip. Overall I am happy with it though.
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I too received my new light today.

Friday must be flashlight delivery day.
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