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I have had one for a few months. It was rather difficult to put out that much cash, even after a lot of research. I own a few other Surefire products so I know they are durable but was also willing to try out another brand (I have a couple of Streamlight Ultrastingers at home and while great, they are too big to carry around).
The LX2 does what I want because I have the low lumen beam for scouting around the yard without blinding myself, doing minor repairs in the house or searching through a closet - a nice utility light available with a light push of the tailcap. It is pretty easy to get used to that light push without running over it into "high beam." But, it's also easy to just drive right into "high" and it is indeed very high. Not quite the Ultrastinger, but very much brighter than a Surefire 6P that I have here. A 6P will not reach across a lake behind my house to the far shore - 100 yards per laser rangefinder - while the LX2 will not only reach that far but show raccoons and possums at the water's edge. The beam is well focused but has enough side light where the surroundings are still visible enough to catch some movement.
Things to watch - when you first set it up, there's a round mark on the barrel up by the tailcap and then on the cap, there's a round mark with an elongated mark running through it. I had no idea what that was.... Stick the lanyard on the the light. Screw the cap down until the low beam comes on. Unscrew the cap until the low beam comes off. Pull the lanyard toward the bulb end. The light will probably come back on. Keep twisting the cap off and trying the lanyard until you can't turn the light on -- you should be near those weird index marks. Line those up and that will give you an "off" spot so you can just twist back to that point after you've used the light in constant on mode. Hope I made sense with that. It works a lot better than it sounds since unlike the 6P, you don't have to kind of guess where you are with the cap, you can just run to the marks and quit.
I thought the lanyard was way too long and a waste of time -- until I found I use it at home all the time by hanging the light around my neck. For out in the world carry, I just disconnect it.
I can't comment on battery life, except to say it seems like a long time, it sure does not eat batteries like the 6P does.
So far, I have found nothing to dislike about this light at all. For what I wanted it to do, it's perfect. I would suggest until you get used to the switch, practice outside a bit. That high beam inside a house is really bright (of course I had it pointed at a white wall about three feet away!) ---
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