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Well was on vaction up north and shot a ton what surprised me was how the 3 different 1911's shot

Springfield 1911 45
1911sc Smith 45
and a Rock Island Armory 38 Super

Range is long verified with lazer range finder 75 yards yes i know its long but still fun to try
Target 20# propane cylinder

So hit and miss with springfield and 1911sc say 3 out of 8 shots hit... now 38 super 8 out of 9 shots everytime all hand loads good handloads to ..

So the scary thought is 1911 loaded 800
1911sc 800

Both all decked out good sights bevertail etc etc

Ria crappy gi type sights short tang grip no FL guide rod.

It out shot both the 45s with all there tightened goodies smith and springer sells almost makes me want to carry the 38 super as a carry gun ..

So on to the rest no ftf or fte's on either 45 for round 500 rounds apiece.

38 super 2 ftf's on first mag ever shot put them back in same mag and both ran though ... Tore apart gun later in might noticed forgot to lube it opps..

Only 200 though it that all i had loaded ..

Now up close all were pretty much equal at the 15 yard line and out to 25 yard line beyond that the 38 super shined ...

Anyone else have this exp with a 38 super?

Course i should'nt be surprised 38 sp in my 6 inch trooper was shooting 6 out of 6 at 75 yards.. pics to follow with the brass hanging in air of course

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First: sights--you were forced to concentrate on the small sights--

FLGR is IMO as worthless as.....and only makes the gun more difficult to take apart--has almost nothing to do with accuracy. 1911 accuracy is determined mostly by having the barrel return to the exact same place in the slide each shot.

Super has very little recoil--and almost no muzzle flip with other than heavy bullets making major--

I often carry one in 9X23, an old ugly SA. CB PB 100gr runs out at about 1600fps, with quick recovery for second shot. Should be out in DPX 115gr or perhaps 125gr, before long.


Forgot....Super PB ran at 1560, and Cor Bon 115grJHP was 1419fps.

Recoil was light and recovery fast with my old SA.

My SA will shoot both Super and 9X23.
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