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As someone who lives a safe distance away from Washington, D.C., in the event of a nuclear attack on the Capital (or pretty much anwhere else for that matter), my main concern in the hours immediately after the attack has nothing to do with the blast itself.

The L.A. riots of April 1992 showed a chilling picture of how fragile civil order can be. The panic such an attack would likely create across the entire country could very well result in the temporary breakdown of civil order in any (or every) major city. I would expect, or at least not be surprised to see riots, looting, desperate and violent runs on grocery stores, gas stations, and other retail facilities by ill-prepared, ill-informed and panicky civilians. (Hell, any prediction of snow in this town is enough for the bread shelves to be empty within hours.)

So my preperation for such an attack is pretty much the same for any disaster. Pre-stock at least a few days worth of non-perishable food, drinking water, candles, batteries, firewood (esp. in winter), and AMMO. After all, in such a situation any of us could find ourselves in the position of the Korean store owners in L.A., forced to defend our homes and/or business from rioting hordes.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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