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ExSoldier762 said:
“We need people to be able to take care of themselves for 72 hours,” said Lara Shane, director of public education for the Homeland Security Department.
Holy S**T! Someone finally let the cat out of his bag: You have to carry your own weight! What a novel concept...... Time to seriously think hard about the Duty vs. Family, here, guys. We've seen "Relocation to Relief Housing" becoming the common response to disasters, with the seperation of men, women and children being strongly recommended (if it hasn't been done, yet). Think it through, as an Emergency Responder, if your family was relocated for "their safety", and "ease of providing for them", while your are away, in this time of unrest, I would say they have become pretty good insurance to your as-needed participation in re-establishing "Order". Give it a couple of weeks, and I'll be seeing what I can help with, but answering to any so-called Authority won't be part of it. I firmly believe the next "Biggie" will be the end of our Constitution.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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