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SWEAT!!!! Urgghhh!

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Just thinking - summer is coming (well - here that is a rumor! LOL) ...... and I have a problem with sweat. Had ''Mono'' back in 1969 and my thermostat is all but non existent!

Now - when I say sweat I mean - SWEAT ....... the liquid that pours out of every part of me - in volumes that can only be described! My carry last year was SP-101 - and apart from the leather changing color - no probs. I followed the stainless trend when I got the SIG - 226ST ... tho that yet has to go thru a full summer's sweatbath.

So - fellow carriers - if you sweat (medium to buckets) how does this affect your carry thinking? Does your leather cut it and does your piece manage also?

My early carry (now wife's) was an M85 snub .... great lil' gun but - it carries not only much holster wear but also when inspected close enough - pitting at top of grips from the dreaded sweat. Here is that ol' friend BTW .......

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In the dog days I don't use leather holsters at all any more. I don't like what the moisture does to the leather - OR what the dye leaching from the leather can do to my clothes.

Missouri gets hot AND humid - so after years of trial and error I've decided it's stainless all the way for me. I'll carry either the Seecamp DA Detonics .45 with a clipdraw - or the SWT Speed-Six .44 Spl in a Desantis nylon IWB (as well as the Seecamp .32 in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, of course). I've had all three literally dripping with sweat - but after many years have yet to encounter any corrosion problems.

Religious use of CLP hasn't hurt any either.
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