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Sweatin' on my gun?!

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Well the hot weather is here in ohio and carrying with my OWB holster (38 snubnose) and until now when i had a shirt tucked in between me and the grip i didn't notice it but now with an untucked t-shirt that rubber grip is right on the skin.

i've seen some holsters with a flap between you and the gun.
my Don Hume OWB doesn't have it and the High Noon IWB won't have it either (as soon as its made).

what do ya'all do to seperate yerself from the grips?

kinda hate sweating on my gun & bullets.
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I don't wear any kind of t-shirt under my regular shirt to separate me from the gun in my bellyband. I stop rust by coating the gun with a thin layer of oil, and that's worked well.

There are some good snug-fitting t-shirts to put under your top; UnderArmor makes some, and there's others you can find in the athletic apparel section of a clothing store. The synthetic material keeps sweat lodged in that layer so you won't see icky wet armits and that sweat line going down your back. :biggrin: And if the sweat is staying in that layer, it should be staying off your gun.
I use underarmor for protecting the gun and prevent chafing. Works well, and ya hardly notice the exra layer. Also the underarmor helps dissapate the sweat on hot days.
This Stuff Is Great!

It really blocks the sweat...or just use a good automotive car CARNUBA paste wax on your firearm.
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Boeshield can work too - as can a RIG smear coating, or a wipe from a CLP rag.

I carry OWB and so no direct contact because t-shirt is tucked in and cover is Smith & Alexander lightweight denim vest - but - I sweat - BUCKETS!! I have stuck these days with stainless for this reason - was SP-101 but now 226ST - even that tho having steel mags - does require that I keep base of mag protected because otherwise I see rust developing.

Not sure if it gets ''wet'' as such but - maybe the sweat ''humidity'' is so high around gun it has an effect.
Even though I live in "dry" Colorado, excessively moist skin (ok, ok...heavy sweat!) is a problem. I've started wearing the "wife-beater" t-shirts...I think they are called A-shirts. They seem to keep most of the perspiration from my pistol without adding a lot of bulk, and I am carrying in a BladeTech IWB. :redface:
I'm a Midway anti-rust spray junkie. Cans of the stuff are used every summer.
Since I carry Glocks I don't worry about the sweat on the gun. I just have to take care of the leather on the holster. Some times I wear an extra t-shirt to stop chaffing, but often it is too hot for the extra t-shirt (I live in Texas). I may try wearing an UnderArmor shirt underneath.
Yeah i'm not so much worried about the gun.
its stainless and i'm pretty good at maintenance on it. but it is a side issue.
more interested in my comfort with that rubber grip prodding me in the side.
a t-shirt/wife beater helps but like in texas its too hot to wear 2 layers of shirts constantly.
A sweat shield on the holster and a loose fitting Hawaiian shirt seem to work fine for me.
My Orca IWB has a sweatsheild over the back of the slide, and the frame of my CZ 75 PO1 is polycoated alloy - non rusting, The grip screws are brass, so that's not an issue. I have found rust on the lanyard loop, though!
I used to rust my Witness 40 every other day carry concealed in AZ....
A little oil is a good thing.
all the above method works i also prefer to stick to stainless
I had the same prob. with my Keltec.32 and a Bersa .40 both in Kydex paddle holsters. I bought a couple sheets of sticky backed brown felt from Walmart, cut 2 larger than needed matching pieces, attached the bottoms of each piece to top of holster, sticky sides facing each other, then pressed them together to make a one piece-double thickness and then trimmed the outline to shape of gun, grip, leaving about 1/4" or 1/2 " oversize all around. The felt flap then is what contacts my skin, feels good, looks good and keeps the sweat off the pistols . Worked for me.
For me the solution is to periodically give the gun a light coating of CLP.

In the summer I carry stainless guns only - and do not use a leather holster.

No problems to date.
which model are you getting from Highnoon?Most of their iwb's have a sweat/slide shield built into the holster.
I am getting the "split decision".

not sure if it has the sweat shield on it or not.
Go get a Glock and don't worry about it anymore.
For me the issue was more of the butt of my gun jabbing me in the side.
I have since bought a few UnderArmour shirts and that made a world of difference.
The rubber combat grips kinda "grabbed me".
The Under Armour has since fixed the issue.

Plus the are kinda "combatish"
I was wondering if the rubber combat grips also grab your cover garment.I'm thinking about getting some Hogue's for my 239 and was wondering if the grips would cause a "printing" issue.
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