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Anybody carry one? I sometimes walk with a cane Mine is home made and is legal for me to carry with my permit. I still carry a pistol as well.
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Glock M29 or 1911—both in 10mm
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I have been known to use a cane (and not really need it to walk with) but only a solid wood cane that I have used in my Aikido classes. I have looked at the sword type and concluded that they have a real problem with blade flexibility and blade weakness, especially where joined to the handle. However, I USED to carry something similar:
I used to carry a sword umbrella, but the blade portion was more like an ICEPICK suitable to stab with rather than cut. I gave that up as unrealistic, especially after I got into Aikido.:cool:

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Actually, there was a recent incident in Japan where a man stabbed another to death with his umbrella. :eek:


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Strike 1: In my state, my CWP does NOT cover sword canes. While I can (and do) carry a utility folder (Spyderco Manix) that could also serve as a last-ditch defensive weapon, a sword cane would cause me grif if it were ever "spotted" (as, say, if I should ever have to use it!).

Strike 2: Even in jurisdictions where it could be legally carried, it gives the appearance of a "sneak's" weapon. I predict little empathy from a jury for the wielder.

Strike 3: If I can carry a stout walking stick (legally, even!!), I don't particularly WANT a sword stuck inside it. Three feet of solid hardwood makes a heck of a close quarters defensive implement, in its own right.

To each his own, but the sword cane is one "gizmo" I'm not interested in trying.

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For those of you thinking about making your own sword cane.
I read an article (years ago) in an old wood crafts magazine about a guy that was making high quality custom sword canes.
Well, I guess they were more like long, "stabbing/thrusting" canes as he was using shortened & repointed old fencing foils as the "blades" - he would rework those into cane blades & Epoxy set them in his own cane handles.
His cane shafts were made in two "halves" - both sides of a long sawn "turning square" hollowed out for the blade - then epoxy cemented together & then "finish turned on a wood lathe. I guess you could accomplish the same task by adding a drill rod extension to an ordinay drill bit but I have no idea how you would keep it centered while drilling.
They were really nice looking when he was all finished with them. Some were wire wrapped with twisted silver wire & with really nice black water buffalo horn tips.
Maybe a neat winter project!
I am guessing that you could find high quality fencing foils with good spring steel on Ebay.
You could probably get a great deal by buying ones that needed handle repair or had some other non-critical (to sword cane use) problem.
It would be worth a look if you're just willing to buy them for the tempered spring steel foil stock.
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