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Got 1500 to 2000 rounds your just dying to get rid of?

Do you like shooting Dots/Steele/Paper?

How do you feel about Force-on Force?

Do you ever shoot strong hand only,how about weak hand?

Ever shoot with a partner and cover him/her while they move to cover and then have them cover your butt while you tac re-load and then move to cover?

How about doing the above and throw in another group moving forward and the backward.

We did all of this in 2 days under a hot sun and had a blast. At the close Sunday i heard more than one say that this was by far the most fun, informative,eye openning class they had ever been to.

Their are alot of good quality schools and Instructors out and about for us all to choose from, i wanted to just put my .02 in and say that THE TACTICAL RESPONSE guys in CAMDEN,TN are first class and well worth the money. Go to their site will get you to their new TACTICAL RESPONSE INC. web site.
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